So my Adult stepdaughters husband was driving her car and wound up rear ending someone.Car got totalled and there wasn't any insurance. I expect a s*** storm of epic proportions to be brewing.

My wife knows there's gonna be some financial consequences and repercussions and wants to desperately help her daughter. One of the things she told me she was gonna consider is prostitution. I blew my stack and she can't understand why it's such a big deal...

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  • You could p*** her and take 30%

  • How much is she charging?

  • Take off man. This s*** is baaadddd news.

  • Saw a tv docco where this mother was prostituting herself to put her kid through private school

  • Run - run for your life man! That's messed up!

  • There wasn't any insurance on the stepdaughter's car, or the other car? What kind of car was the other car? What sort of injuries were sustained?

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