I have sinned

Hello I am 13 years years old and i have looked at Pornagraphy and masterbated (pleas dont think im sick) I really want to stop. I also have stolen before 3 years ago (lollies), but i have stopped because i knew it was wrong but masterbating i cant please help me stop and would God forgive me for this?

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  • OMG I m********* everyday,in-between good s** sessions.What's the problem?! I'm not 13,but I started to m********* at 10.It's natural and healthy.However,some people may overdo it and become addicted.
    There's nothing wrong with it! Watching p*** isn't bad either.However,some p*** is too hardcore,for a child of 13.Some p*** may distort,damage and influence a persons perception and idealisms,on what s** actually is.

    But,m********* away!

  • omg thats nothing, yesterday this girls dress blew up and i saw her underwear!!
    OMG, its h*** for me!

  • There is nothing rong with wot u are doin, i probably started when i was 11 or 12, when i startd going through puberty and i used to watch p*** to. i felt guilty eventually i relised i was doing nothing rong by masterbating.

  • you f****** stole lollies?????
    well, it's h*** for you. you might as well keep knocking them out.

  • dont worry im 15 and m********* almost 2 times a day and TRUST ME i no it is hard to stop but really the answer is short, just stop caring wat people think. i felt the same way

  • ^^^^^ Who are you to tell God what to do?

  • ^Good advice. Masterbating at your age is perfectly normal. It is way safer than having s**, so by all means continue to do it. If you are a religous person who thinks it is "sinful" to do it, then confess your sins to your priest (although he will probably be jerkin off in the dark booth listening to you).

  • Masturbating at 13? You are just fine. Puberty is kicking your ass.
    The sad part is that you have such easy access to adult material compared to us older generations. It kinda strips your innocence too quick. Know what I mean? Go ahead and m*********, but use your imagination instead of p***. P*** is for adults who can tell the difference between s** and p***.

  • Nope. If you m********* that much you've pretty much bought yourself a seat in H***. I hope your white because I heard the devil doesnt do dark meat.

    Rack the Jipper

  • God doesn't care if you m*********, or He would have made your arms shorter.


    you're gay no one likes you



  • Of course God will forgive you if you repent and stop doing it.

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