Im scared

I havnt been able to stop cutting, cryng, watching p***, masturbating, having doubts god even exists, telling myself i am NOT lesbian, I cant stop pretending im ok. Because im not. And what makes it all worse is that I'm twelve. This has been going on for five years.

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  • Okay I'm not trying to be mean but that is definitely a problem you need to talk to someone about if this has been going on since you were 7...that is just not right, PLEASE talk to someone. If you are masturbating and considering your sexuality at 7 years old when you haven't even started puberty then im telling you to please talk to someone

  • Grace is right. It's not okay for you to feel bad for yourself and harm yourself for your sexuality, especially at this age. Talk to somebody. If not your parents, then your teacher, and if not a teacher, a psychiatrist. Please do something to help yourself before it's too late. It worries me to know kids like you are so scared to speak up that you hurt yourself.

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