Mom and her brother in the 70's

I found posts with pictures mom made of her life in a commune in Oregon during the 70's where she had group s** including her brother. They were extremely thought provoking so I finally got in bed with her when dad went out fishing early in the morning. At first we just cuddled while I used my fore arms to touch her breast while touching her back. When I felt she was receptive I put my hand on her left breast and kissed her lips till she started kissing me back. I slowly slid my hand down her stomach stopping there for a while then no to her p**** . I didn't start feeling her till she thrusted into my hand till I hand fingers inside her. Without say anything I went down on her for several minutes but I wanted to do her to bad to stay there very long. She was softly rubbing my back the whole time even when I polled her panties off and positioned myself between her leg. When I was in the entrance she squeezed her legs together twice to stop me from going further so I started kissing her again. At last I was going inside her and she instantly came in a few strokes. She was so wet it was impossible to get enough feeling to c** for 10 minutes then she came again when I did. She started crying and wouldn't talk to me for nearly four days. When we did talk she said I pushed her into it and it was like her dad doing it with her in sixth grade she could stop it. I've kissed her like a lover a few times and she has responded to it kissing me back but seems to freeze when I start feeling her b****** so I stop and continue the kisses which I love and she seems to enjoy. She won't talk about it and stops me by saying don't mess up a good thing when I try to say something. If she did it with her dad and brother why not me?

Oct 23, 2015

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  • You may want to put some thought into your time table the next time you post your incest fantasy, unless you actually liked having s** with your 70 year old mother!

  • In the 70s, not in her 70s

  • You m*********** !

  • Make sure you f*** her again

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