A woman's revenge

My gf invited her ex over to her place and gave him GHB in his drink. When he woke up she had him laying on his back in her living room floor with his wrist hand cuffed. His arms were stretched over his head with the hand cuffs going around a leg of the sofa and his ankles and knees were bound with heavy duct tape. She had already called me to come over but I had no knowledge of any of this. When I got there he was awake laying in the floor and my gf was sitting on his stomach to keep him from trying to get up. I said what's going on and she said I was hoping you would help me with something, so I agreed. She then had me come over to her and she stood up and we started kissing. After about a minute she whispered in my ear "I want you to sit on him with me" then nudged me down slowly still kissing as I sat down. I sat on his stomach backwards with my back to his face and she straddled my lap still kissing me the whole time, he let out a grunt as she put her weight on my lap. Then wrapping her legs around me she pushed her shoes off and put her feet on his nose wrapping her toes around his nostrils. As I kissed on her neck she was looking over my shoulder and made eye contact with him. After making out for a while she stood up and took her pantyhose off and leaving her skirt on unzipped my pants and came down on me straddling me kissing me as she went up and down. As I kissed on her neck she continued to look over my shoulder making eye contact with him as she pleasured herself riding me. She let out loud sies as her organisms came. When we were finished we left and she had one of her friends that she had already arranged with go over and let him go. I never saw him again.

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  • You people need to get a life!

  • What an insane story

  • I would do it

  • What a load of crap!

  • Really now.

  • That's a really crazy story

  • So many possible other ways. Your way of revenge is too weird. And awkward.

  • Sounds s little vindictive
    But I like it!

  • From a woman's point of view I sure hope it really happend, I would do it to my ex. Melissa

  • Did this really happen?

  • Does anyone else find this a little disturbing?

  • That sounds like a lot of fun

  • Thanks for the idea!
    Your next Randy and I'm going to love it!

  • Wow! I would LOVE to do that to my ex husband, he cheated on me for years before I found out. I'm now 37 with two teenage kids to finish raising while he's off having a good time.

  • Where do you live?

  • Ok I'm calling it Bullshit.

  • If her ex was a cheater it serves him

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