I wish I was born a guy...then I wouldn't worry so much about getting married

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  • What the OP really meant to say was

    "I wish I was born a gay...then I wouldn't worry so much about getting married"

  • While change is good there's somethings that should just remain the same. And I'm telling you a woman should never ask a guy to marry them. It almost never works out that way. And Sorry to the dude who lost his first wife. But I'm just saying that generally you open your self up to more problems when the girl ask the guy to marry them. Asking a guy out is one thing but asking him to marry you is another. 95% of the time she regrets it. See a guy knows if he wants to marry you or not. It doesn't take 6 or 7 years for him to figure it out. You asking him just puts undo strain on the relationship.


  • rofl guys don't have to worry about getting married

  • SiteShrink, I disagree with you.

    It is sexism for men to be expected to be the ones who must propose, and it is sexism for women to be expected not to propose.

    Stop your half-destroyed instrumental ways.

  • Well FYI my first wife died but it was not her fault nor mine.

  • The operative phrase being my frist wife. Women should never propose marriage because soon as something goes wrong the claims I never wanted to marry you in the first place. Plus most guys feel then that you are pressuring them or making them choose when they are not ready. As crazy as it sounds Rack the Jipper is about right.


  • If you were the guy version of yourself, you would still be worried. There are plenty of desperate men just as there are women. The only thing is, there are LESS men, and you would probably have to lower your standards considerably to find a guy equally as desperate for marriage as you are.

  • Here's what you do: find a nice guy that likes you for you, put out, and after a while he will ask.

    If that fails, I recommend a s** change.

    Rack the Jipper

  • ^ I don't agree with that, women are perfectly within their rights to propose marriage. My first wife asked ME, even though we'd both talked about the subject it was her who made the proposal.

  • Not really there are way more girls on this planet than boys so it's touch competition. Plus guys hold the power when it comes to getting married because they do the asking (generally) and that's something that a girl can't force him to do.

  • You girls hold 90% of the power in that regard.

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