A person I meet online and was fallen in love with made my life a living h***
Himanshu sharma owner of pixatra Mohali SSIET chandigarh .....we meet online a site badoo in sep2014 ....where For obvious reasons we shared the alias names his profile had the name Sunny Singh and he introduced himself as RISHI ...we liked each other and started with whatsapp chat soon our talks became never ending 24/7 .... Calls in night till 4.00Am and again message at 8.00am what days where does still seems like a dream ...very soon a straight forward proposal came from Rishi about fallen in love ...a long distance relationship where never meet a person and he talking so maturely the relationship are about understanding looks doesn't master so what we haven't meet ...and then talks got on to marriage on every little talk "the day you are here we will do this will do that "made me believed he is true and is dam serious about our relationship ...even telling about his Cousion marriage with a 8yr elder girl and the family is open minded they will totally support his decision of this marriage ..everything was going great even he asked me to keep fast for Monday as tht has to be done being the part of the family .... I started doing that too from my end ....a day before Diwali came to know his real name Himanshu sharma which he never told was a shock after sharing so many things why u Hiding ur real name we had a fight he called messaged I didn't replied no of excuses and list of clarification made me melt and thought might be just unintentional and should not be created a issue of...he wanted lot many things in this relationship phone s** nude pics and telling it's must in a relationship everyone does that and you are my girl you have to do that ... Me being sooo crazy in love did whatever he wanted to make him happy ...Himanshu said he is coming to meet me and my parents in dec...and on November 9th with lot of arguments he even said that he hAve conveyed his parents about our relationship and so on ....with that assurance and madly in love with him made me do all the things he wanted me to do even nude pics """and suddenly he stopped talking to me he didn't find the relationship compatible Why the questions where never ending and the world full of love care and importance vanished and left me just with pain lot of pain ....and then on 30th nov I came to knw he's already married ....I was been fooled cheated he made me a B**** I wanted to report this to police station a scam a torched all blames on me all problem in me why he ended the relationship ....and the false explanation he gave was bullshit that his friend was talking to me taking his name lies lies lies that all was wht I got I emailed the entire chat history to Himanshu sharma's wife and guess what she was not even shocked .... She told me that's what he is and that what he been doing in his marriage and the reason she left for never coming back ....
Will put more soon on this reality of online cheating ....
All the chats all the photographs on a Facebook page describing the entire fraud and scam ...

Oct 28, 2015

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