Husband uses me as payment

I can't stop thinking about the weekend break my husband organised for us in the summer, I'm trying to find the courage to ask him if we can do it all over again but for some reason feel embarrassed to tell him how much I loved it all.

We often share our fantasies before and during s**, it turns us both on, mine are usually about having s** in dangerous places, his are mostly about other people being involved but apart from the occassional s*** on the way home from a night out we had never lived out our fantasies.

My husband told me he'd got an excellent deal on a weekend away, that it would cost next to nothing and he'd even get to go sea fishing as part of the deal, so off we went to the West Coast of Scotland, to a small hotel on the coast. The owner showed us up to our room and we got ready to go out for a meal. It was a lovely evening so I chose a strapless sundress, my husband walked up behind me, lifted my skirt and pulled down my knickers, he said I wouldn't be needing them, quite a turn on I thought. He tolld me I was the payment for the hotel, but all the owner wanted was to look at me, I did object, but my husband poured me a strong vodka and tonic and said he'd given his word. With that he led me downstairs to the reception, turned and went back up leaving me. The owner was good looking and about my age and if all he wanted to do was have a look, I thought I could cope with that.

He was on the phone behind the reception desk when he paused his call, asked me the sit down on the stairs and spread my legs, that was all he wanted. I sat down about a third of the way up the stairs, hitched my skirt up and shyly spread my legs, he carried on placing his order over the phone but started taking photos. It wasn't long before he had walked over to me, he pulled down my top and stood back to admire my t***. He took a few more photos but Apart from that he didn't touch me, just undid his trousers and started wanking. i joined in and started fingering myself,to my surprise I was enjoying it, and before I knew it I was on my knees in front of him sucking his c***. He carried on his conversation the whole time.

He had just c** in my mouth when my husband came down, he asked if I was ready and we walked down to the restaurant, he never asked me what had happened and I didn't tell him, i felt a bit guilty I had gone too far.

We enjoyed our meal and quite a few drinks, it was a lovely night and I was looking forward to getting back to our room but when the bill came my husband just put a condom on the little silver tray. The waiter smiled and asked me to follow him, my husband gestured me to go with him and said, I told you, I've got an excellent deal on this weekend. The waiter took me through the kitchen to a small staff room area where the manager was waiting. He told the waiter he could have t*** and a b******* and with that yanked down my top and jiggled my t*** from behind. He then pulled my dress down over my hips so I was stood naked in front of 2 complete strangers. The waiter reached out and played a bit with my t***, I just stood there unsure what to do. I was led to the sofa, the waiter kneeled up on it and undid his trousers, he said come on then and the manager came up behind me and gently pushed me over the arm of the sofa. I gently started to lick the waiters c*** when I felt hands rubbing over my a*** then felt a couple of fingers pushing into my p****. I was already wet, I was quite drunk and it all felt good so I spread my legs a little and pushed back a bit, he started fingering me quicker. I started to suck the c*** in my mouth, bent over the arm of the sofa the waiter was fondling my t***, playing with my nipples I felt dirty and sexy, I loved it. Then I felt the manager slide his c*** into me, slowly at first, I felt every inch of him. Within seconds he was f****** me hard, I couldn't concentrate on sucking the other ones c*** at the same time, I had never been f***** like that before, i orgasmed before he had finished, then felt him shudder behind me, he pulled out of me and walked out of the room leaving me shaking, wanting more. The waiter was still waiting he pushed my head down to his c*** so I finished him off. He got up did up his trousers and walked off too, so I put my dress on, smoothed down my hair and walked back through to the restaurant to join my husband again he didn't say a word but had ordered me another drink which I gratefully downed in one. Before long our taxi had arrived, but I was nervous to be going home, my husband had organised these strangers to f*** me, he was using me as payment but didn't seem to be talking to me. We got outside and the cab driver asked if we were sure, I didn't understand what he was asking but my husband pulled down my top so once again my t*** were out and the cab driver grinned.


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  • I don't know if this is real, but it sounds great! Enjoy!

  • Is this Jen & Stuart ? Jane x

  • What a mean b******, but as you said you enjoyed it. Leave your husband and find another guy.

  • Mmmmm that's f****** hot !!!

  • 1Tax collectors and other notorious sinners often came to listen to Jesus teach. 2This made the Pharisees and teachers of religious law complain that he was associating with such sinful people—even eating with them!

    3So Jesus told them this story: 4“If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them gets lost, what will he do? Won’t he leave the ninety-nine others in the wilderness and go to search for the one that is lost until he finds it? 5And when he has found it, he will joyfully carry it home on his shoulders. 6When he arrives, he will call together his friends and neighbors, saying, ‘Rejoice with me because I have found my lost sheep.’ 7In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!

  • Such a useless p*** husband! Just get rid of him before he turns you into a fulltime prostitute.

  • But it is what SHE wants, stupid.

  • Welcome to the world of prostitution, you were pimped

  • Do you think this "husband" loves you? What are his future plans with you? Do you have kids with him? Supposing he throws you out tomorrow? is you heart at peace with these attitudes of his?

    These are the questions that will determine your next actions

  • Which will be to do it again and again and again.

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