In love with my mother in law

I have liked my mother in law ever since the first time I met her. I would allways see her at my house to the point she moved in with us and I allways wanted to tell her how I felt about her but didn't have the courage. Till one day me and my wife had a fight and she left to her dad's house he is no longer with my mother in law and then my mother in law called me that night asking what had happen and I told her that we got in a fight. She was like yeah my daughter told me and not to go over cause she didn't live there no more and I told her yes you can still come but she was hesitating finally I offered to go pick her up and bring her to my house for some drinks and she said ok. She went to the restroom and when she walked out I had her drink in my hand and handed it to her she was walking to the living room and I grabbed her and tried to kiss her at first she said no that I was crazy but I told her how I felt and she finally gave in we had s** all night that night and took her home that morning .. After that we got together every chance we get I go over to her house and make love or we go to hotel when her husband not home I love when she c*** her legs shake and when I give her oral s** too and now I'm falling in love with her


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  • Beautiful. Congratulations for finding this REAL woman and having the courage to go after her. This is obviously what both of you want, and what both of you need. Don't let her go. No matter what happens, don't EVER let her go.

  • My mother is the same. I'm 20 now, and she first had me f*** her when I was 13. Her whole body trembles and shakes when she's having and o*****, and hr p**** fills up with c***-juice. it makes me c** hard inside her

  • It's not fictional it's true

  • So why is it so inconsistent then?

  • How is it inconsistent

  • Why go to a hotel when her husband is not home then? That is inconsistent dude.

  • Sometimes we stay at her house but some days he gets out early so we go to a hotel just in case he comes home early

  • No love

  • She lives close to me

  • "in l***" you mean?

  • Erm... so where does she live? Very mixed up fantasy, look if you are going to dream up some fictionalised sexual affairs then make sure you are consistent. OK?

  • I'm in love with her and we have been seeing each other for about 2 1/2 years now no one knows just us I'm 30 and she is 43

  • I want to f*** my mother in law, your story sounds hot but I don't wanna lose my wife. I just want dirty passionate s** with her mother. I w*** about her most days. How old is your mother in law?

  • Yes I'm in love with her and we have been seeing each other for the past 2 1/2 years and I won't stop

  • "Falling in love": Did you say? Really? Well, at the point you went to marry your wife and saw that you liked the mother more and she was no longer married; that's when you would have switched; not as if it is the perfect thing to do anyway. But here you are "loving" what is not yours and hurting another (your wife) in the process. Think about if the table turned and your wife hit it off with your dad??????? Do unto others as you would like them do unto you!,,

  • 43 is not old. The age gap is not much different. Your wife is no longer with you? If not then I dont see anythjng wrong with it. Hopefully you have nk kids.

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