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I have fallen totally and completely and madly in love with my daughter's new best friend. She and her parents just moved here, and into our condo development, right before school started this year. She and my daughter immediately became best friends (as did my wife and her mother) and they started spending all their time together, which meant they were here at our house all the time. They are both seniors in high school, both 18 (and in case you're wondering, 17 is the age of consent here), and both plan to attend the same college (here in town) next fall. I was attracted to her from the first, and I tried my hardest not to allow any feelings to develop for her, but within three months of their family's arrival, I was overwhelmed. She's all I can think of, and I am genuinely in love with her. Nothing at all has happened between us (except for my fantasies), and it probably never will, both because of the age difference. But the fact remains, I love her, and I don't see that ever changing. Her name is Audra, and I even love that. I never even felt this strongly about my wife.


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  • F****** your daughter hard in front of her friend then do the friend

  • Do audre shave evry day

  • You are in love with your daughter's best friend? Sounds to me you just want to f*** your daughter's best friend.

  • ^Totally true^, and it's obviously so, after you read his update below. He just wants the p****.

  • From the OP: Last night, while my wife was away visiting family in another state, Audra and my daughter were home with me overnight. I took a chance and bought them both daiquiris from a local shop, put some extra shots in my daughter's drink, and brought them home for the girls. They were thrilled. My daughter, as expected, soon conked out, and Audra and I were left alone. After she finished her daiquiri, I made a slight move, and she responded as I had hoped: affirmatively and enthusiastically and quickly. We kissed and made out like WILD for over thirty minutes, and it was the best thirty minutes of my life. I know now that what I feel for her is true love and I hope to consummate it very soon. Better than that, SHE wants to consummate it too. But she wasn't on birth control last night, and I had no condoms (couldn't risk having the wife find them), so we agreed to wait and to plan for protection next time. Secretly, I hope that we reach a point where we decide not to use protection.

  • Just leave her alone. Unless she is desperate for money, she is not going to f*** you.

  • A bit of advice from personal experience. I'm 43 and last year, for about 7 months, I dated a 19yo girl. Actually moved her in with me for a time. It didn't last any longer than that because she and her friends -- actually, all teenaged girls (and guys) -- are just idiots. Truly stupid and not trying to get any smarter. Oh, they're all sexually mature (some of them are amazingly skilled) and socially and culturally mature, because like us, they are bombarded with all the adult stuff in the media, movies, TV, music, etc., and don't try to avoid it. Problem is that, even though they are still in college, they aren't really learning anything. Not paying attention? Don't care? Can't learn? ADHD? I don't know why, I just know that they are ALL unbelievably unintelligent. And because they are all immersed in social media, they are all thoroughly drama-addicted, and everything is always about them. All of them. They're all the same. Not a nickel's worth of difference in any teenager. The s** is wonderful, and I'm sure that's what interests you about Audra (or the possibility of s** with Audra, if you're honest about where the relationship is now), but that bloom fades and falls away rather quickly, and then you're left to gaze upon the pure unadulterated idiocy that is teenagerdom. Take my word for it: what you feel for this girl is not love. What you find so appealing in her is the opportunity to escape. Escape where you are, who you're married to, what you do for a living, how you live your life, and who you are. But trust me: what you're escaping TO is FAR more bland and ordinary and uninteresting than whatever you have right now. Forget this girl. She's an illusion. And the reality of her is a bore. I know.

  • I get what you're saying, but I'm not looking to escape, honestly: she is just perfect and I want to be with her. I know it's a cliché, but this girl really IS mature for her age.

  • You need to be really careful with this girl. Some of them are really insane and want to trap a married man with a pregnancy. Be sure where her head's at and try to be as sure as possible that she's really on b/c and really stays on it. If you knock her up it would be a disaster for you and your wife and daughter. Be really careful.

  • I've actually thought about this, and I would love it if we became so close that she decided she wanted a baby . . . . . WITH ME. That would make me so very happy, and I would gladly give that to her. If it cost me my wife and family? So be it.

  • Some young girls just have "a thing" for married men. It's probably because their moms are cheating on their dads with married men, or they have older sisters (or sometimes younger ones) who date only married guys, so they are around these relationships all the time and they just get used to the idea, and then they love the idea of getting with a married man. If that's where your girl is at, lucky you!

  • So odd you say ^this^. She and my daughter were here in our family room a couple weeks ago, and they were talking about some show they were watching on TV while my wife and I were out of the room, but I was standing in the kitchen getting popcorn. While they thought I couldn't hear, I overheard Audra say "If I really liked him I could TOTALLY date a married guy". My daughter said it was icky, but Audra stood her ground and said that "marriage today is just like going steady used to be: it doesn't matter anymore". Needless to say, hearing her thoughts on the subject made my heart jump and my c*** harden. And it made me want her even more than I did, which I thought was impossible.

  • She probably thinks of you as her best friend's creepy pervy dad.. the one who is always looking at her funny. You are infatuated with her because you're getting old think that she will keep you young. Keep it a fantasy or your world will unravel. She's not in to you.

  • I'm afraid this might be totally true (the uninterested part, not the pervy part), and that's why I have held back: she's given me NO indication whatsoever that she even likes me.

  • Whatever you do, do NOT "confess your love" to this child. It's not what she wants, if she wants anything, and telling her the truth of how you feel for her will only make her run away. And it will likely put an end to your family. Just be around her every every EVERY chance you get, be "the cool dad" (let the girls smoke and drink, help them get fake IDs, etc.), and then let her talk to you about every little thing that bothers her; just let her see you as the place to go for support and caring. But not love. Don't use the word "love" around her. There's going to be time for that, if anything develops between the two of you, but you have to allow time and space for the feelings to grow. She will want s** long before she wants love, and you have to be willing to take the chance with that too. For now, just be with her. Later on, you can get with her. And then, if the love happens, you can have her. And keep her. Young girls are a dangerous army, but if you make it past the fortress walls, and are allowed to stay, that young p**** is the best in the world. Go for it......but go slooooooowly.

  • 10-4. Roger that. I have not made any moves, or even hinted at what I feel for her. I think you're right about that word frightening her away. Yes, I love her, totally, but I just cannot SAY that I love her.

  • How about another man "falling in l***" with your wife and actually having her move out of your house to his? A man reaps what he sows! Well except he repents.

  • My wife wouldn't cheat, it's just not who she is. But I wish she would because then I might be able to get sympathy from my girl.

  • H***, she's legal. Why not take a run at her?

  • I think abut having s** with her virtually every day of my life. She is a bit overweight, but she's so feminine and sexy, and I would do her anytime she wanted it.

  • U.R. Pedo

  • I know that's what people will think, but I'm really not. I am ONLY in love with this one girl, not any others, and it has nothing to do with her age. It's ONLY because of the person she is and the body she has.

  • The other guy is right, this must be a midlife crisis. Plus the fact that you confuse being h**** with being in love. And then you choose the object of your 'love' to be an unattainable little girl, probably out of guilt, so it can never happen (and if it does, she wanted it herself, yeah right). Why don't you get over this guilt, let the girl live her own life and try hooking up with a milf instead. You'll be happy and in the end give your wife a lot more loving attention too. Cheers.

  • It probably is "unattainable", but my heart wants what it wants. And what my heart wants is Audra. Permanently.

  • Flirt with her for a while and see if she's receptive, and if she flirts back, then simply ask her if she'd be interested in taking things further but if you do go that route, then DO NOT turn it into an all-out affair. If you can't keep it casual and on the down low, then don't start anything with her. You'd be surprised by how many younger women have serious fantasies about being with older men but they're too timid to approach.

  • I have flirted a little, but she just seems amused by it, not excited. I can barely keep my wits about me when she is around, from wanting her so bad and so hard. I just have to keep things cool. Thanks.

  • Pervert

  • It's not because of her age, and I'm not attracted to anybody else her age.

  • Yo you need to go to a legit therapist i am 15 and it is not bad that you are attrected to her but being in love with her is not okay that is putting your family in jepordy you need to talk to your wife

  • Thanks for your thought, and for being cool about it, but I just disagree: being in love with Audra is not simply okay, it's the best thing in my life and the best feeling I've ever had. I love her.

  • Hey just played a cool dad hang out with your daughter and her friend as much as you can to not annoy them. Maybe if you get a chance sneak out summer panties that are news and j******* to it to your fantasy. Eventually she will notice your panties missing and probably think it's you I will not say anything This way if you really want to tangle to hook up hack it sounds hot I would f*** her and her daughter

  • I have no idea what this means.

  • Me to f*** her

  • Or this.

  • Mid.Life.Crisis.

  • It does seem like that, but it's not that. It's real, true, deep, forever love. LOVE.

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