End of days

When the End of Days comes will you all still be worried about your libidos? Some if the confessions on here are downright scarey! Repent now!

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  • Christianity - a death cult !
    1:10 -5:22

  • Do u know how many objects there are flying around in space....what a r*****

  • Dumbshit

  • Go f*** yourself arsehole! What gives you the right to preach to us about 'The End of Days' which you have absolutely no idea if and when it will happen. Go take your half-baked superstition and stick it up your a***.

  • What gives me the right is freedom of speech & Revelations & Matthew in the Bible offer many clues. Ugly Soul you be!

  • You wouldn't be on this website, if you were holier than thou!! Don't preach to people and force your beliefs on others! They're your own only and should remain that way. You're not without sin, for you're a human being, like everyone else. God bless your soul!!

  • You f****** loser waste ur life have fun repenting

  • When the end of day comes I will take ecstasy and f*** till it is over

  • There's a flaw in your plan, which is your assumption you will know when that day will arrive, and that you will have the availability of 'Extasy' and a partner to f***. That said, on the last day you will be truly f*****, so at least one of your wishes will be granted.

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