What are you?????

Abomination. You will go to **. Repent now

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I'm a military wife

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  • If all the other ** are going to ** as well it sounds like fun, I rarely get to meet any other lezboz so putting them all in one place is hella convenient

  • Why deny who you are

  • White people go to the grave. stop telling people don't exist. you americans are the worst bottom feeders on this earth. I see why the Chinese are going to take over

  • You are sooooooo GAY .

  • Wrong wrong wrong

  • Yeah? Prove it

  • You ** satan’s bitchh

  • Why are you calling your mom that.

  • Did Mike Pence post this?

  • Who is Mike pence. I hope he is not gay

  • Not-Very-Fun-Fact: America is home to >1 sociopathic fundie.

  • No he did not

  • You are going to **. That's the truth. You don't have to believe that human being. God don't want no ** in His house. Repent safe yourself. But you still going to **. Need directions. It's very easy. Take route 666 down south. It will be one way on a one way dig to the ground.

  • Ty for the directions I'll be going there promptly, there's gonna be so many lesbian ** omg -

  • We may disagree with what you say but we still love you and after you shower and shave, we will give you a big hug because we love you.

  • God is coming, be prepare

  • This world is a ** for decent people, that's just a given. But have fun spewing judgment at those YOU feel, for whatever unknowable reason, are naughty and bad. Rest assured you're on other people's lists as well. Your type doesn't ever think of THAT part, does it.

  • Keep judging those nasty gay women. God will be here sooner than you think. Praise God!!!

  • Haha lesbos get more puss than u and gay men get dicked down more than you 😜

  • Where was God when the situation first went bad?

    Oh right, bla bla Satan or bla bla "test" or some slick justification. Or there's the "brimstone, judgment and righteous fury" option. Which one might best be applied to this scandalous question, one that dares to ponder the nature of your dear and fluffy lord?

    Are you aroused by the fact that you've been asked an actual question? Are you throbbing a little bit from the idea of adversity? Do you think you've found someone to fight (you haven't) or that facing this terrible challenge to your noble faith will get you in cozier with da big Jay Cee?

    This is called "thinking". It can live alongside faith quite well, if you've got the intelligence.

  • You must be a woman. my mother warned me about women that don't go to church. tsk tsk, don't compete with me, you will lose

  • Tsk tsk **. Also ur moms likes **

  • You must be a ret@rd. You have taken great pains to leave proof of that all over this site over the last several months. Somewhere, a particularly bad and decrepit zoo is missing its star.

  • You don't believe in God. You are nasty and you are going to **. Stop destroying American children with this gay propaganda

  • Yeah yeah, attack and accuse. Show us where there is anything gay in the statement you're so frightened by, and why that would be a problem even if it were. Also show where children are alluded to in any way, shape, or form.

    Save your mentally ill blartings for comments that match up with your little obsession. And get help. Lots of it.

  • I don't like child molesters. You should not be around children

  • You should not be around any humans.

  • You should be dead

  • You ARE dead, between the ears. Wish the rest of you would follow

  • Who the ** are you to judge...?

  • They have to be in denial to go out of their way and say this **-

  • The parents of those non humans should be put in jail for allowing this to their children. No wonder these children in america is messed up.

  • What made you think those, whatever they are. Going to repent. Honey this a war on this earth. The gays and Asians are trying to take over. But they are going to lose. Mark my words. There don't believe in God. The parents of these things are an ABOMINATION. They don't know how to read a Bible. God is coming real soon. He is the Creator. And He is going to take control. Be safe my child. Love God Always!

  • God ? Bible ? Oh grow up , moron .

  • You grow up b$tch. No body care about you. Go drink some bleach

  • Dumb , dumber , dumbest . No , it's dumb , dumber , Trump now .

  • It's been over 2000 years. Dial back the "he's coming soooon!!!!" and roll up your sleeves. Unless you have no faith in your God-given strength?? :)

  • You are gay and you are destroying children in america. You don't believe in God. Your mom is a pig

  • The most vocal person, is the most guiltiest person. WWJD? Would you at least read the ** Bible first before you judge somebody. And I mean the whole ** book!

  • Go dig a grave for yourself.

  • Posting dumb insults as comebacks reflects a deficient mind

  • LOL!! Wow, you have such an active-- and curiously specific-- fantasy life!

    Since you keep projecting "gayness" and "children" onto everyone you disagree with, it's a safe assumption you have terrible urges that you can't quite control. Keep projecting onto others and yelling 'repent' if this is true.

  • You must be white. Shut up

  • You must be that bitter black dude with the tampon stuck up his urethra. Shut up

  • Repent. Satan can help you

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