Sometimes your just lonely

I'm a twenty six year old female who recently got of a ten year relationship. Having only had a three sexual partners two of whom were when my ex moved 3000 miles away and were no longer together. Now I'm 26 and have no idea how to date the last date I went on was six years ago, so I went to a party with my sister didn't know anyone there and met this guy we hung out he was a little cute not really my type personality wise. But sometimes you just want to hang out with someone and not worry about anything. Now we hung out then the next weekend and did have s** and it was terrible I mean Jack RABBIT bang bang when will this be over please get your 3 inch p**** AWAY from me. He's nice or so you think now we hung out the next weekend I show up and he's three sheets to the wind shwasted. Should have left but didn't so hung out with him and his friends who are nice and cool people. I didn't mention that I really have no friends like none so it's nice to be out in the world on a Saturday night. Now I thought maybe give him a second chance later that night and we had s** again same thing bang bang please get your three inch p**** away from me. Now this past Saturday his friend invited me to his Birthday party at his house that's 5 minutes away, cool can hangout with some people drink some beers and have fun. The three incher is there and once again I show up and he's trashed like can't keep his balance about to vomit gross drunk. So I'm just walking around talking to people and its getting late and I have to drive so I only had 2 beers. Go looking for three incher he had passed out upstairs last I checked so UP I go. Now this was like a weird moment in my life that I'm sure to never forget I open the door and low and behold this d********* is f****** some chick. I walked right out and closed the door, walked down the stairs and saw his friends and said "umm he wasn't alone." I have no feelings for this guy but the embarrassment was so crushing I mean I've had s** with this guy one week ago and I'm sure he told his friends and then I walk in to him three inches deep in some other girl and people knew what was going on and let me open the door. I deserve someone incredible just like everyone does and I knew from the get go that I'm not really into him but G******* man my self esteem took a hit and the embarrassment and shame is so strong. I skipped dating from 15-25, I guess a******* are everywhere.


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  • I haven't dated in 3 years. I'm 26 also, honestly it's not about his size, he obviously is inexperienced at pleasing women. You totally should have f***** one of his friends, but do not feel bad. He's a dumb f*******, and it sounds like he gave you an excuse to quit your toxic addictive behavior. He didn't deserve you. Thank god you didn't have s** a few more times and maybe get pregnant. Nothing like a 3 inch d*** to make you appreciate a 4-incher, ay? My boyfriends d*** isn't big at all, but he makes me c** several times, everytime, before he even takes his belt off.

  • Too bad most likely you're not in Dallas. I'd invite you to hang with people that isn't expecting anything from you.

  • You should have banged his friend as some payback. I am sure that was what he was thinking.

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