Accidentally on purpose

I'm a 32 yr old male. My daughter has walked in on me naked from time to time. I always act like it's no big deal. Yesterday I informed her daddy was going shower. As soon as I get fully naked, she walks in the bathroom. Just as before I act like it's no big deal, but strangely it was quite exciting. I never covered up or even attempted to hide. I just stood there continued talking to her. I could see her eyes periodically scanning down to my c***. She stayed there the entire time I showered. It was incredibly exciting letting her see me completely naked. Today, as yesterday, she came in while I showered and of course I let her see ever inch. Does anyone else "accidentally" let your kids see you naked?

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  • Good job ;)

  • Pervert. Lock your f****** door. This is illegal anyway. Perv.

  • Whenever I read a Confession such as yours I always "hope" that you are after Shock Value and nothing more. If the story is as you say, then you need some help.

  • Well this one is kinda f***** up. Let's start at the comments and work our way up, first folks people are into some f***** up stuff these days, look on ony p*** site and you'll see lots of "incest" among much , much worse, that being said, to act on these urges IRL is more than a slightly terrifying thought. as a father of a teenage girl i can say that i would never want my daughter to see me in the nude, nor would i want to see her like that, I'm going to assume this guys little girl is quite a bit younger than mine given that she seems very curious about the nude male form,. So i'll just leave you with a small bit of advice and some thing to think about. first something to think on, your daughter has no intrest in f****** you, if you have an interest in fuckinhg her get help before you make a huge mistake.Remember while 25 years in prison and being raped yourself is going to suck the worst part would be what you would do to the rest of your daughters life, think before you lep man. You should cherish your kid, not f*** them.

  • Lock the door you f****** pervert.

  • I don't know what to say. Its hot and exciting and all but it is wrong. Hummmm wish it were me, LOL

  • Lmao that's Kinda f*****

  • OMG.."exciting"' ??? INCEST !!!! not an accident, u are letting her watch you, she shouldnt, isnt there any intimacy ? Teach her to knock, teach her to respect adults, and above all, teach yourself to be a real dad. Dads dont do that

  • It is not accidentally. It was done on purpose from both sides.
    What you are doing is the first step to incest.

  • Shameful and you are proudly preparing the ground for incest, pregnancy, birth of morons or abortions and deaths? Shame, shame, shame

  • I understand that feeling, had that experience in some way or another myself. But that's wrong on so many levels. You have to suppress these thoughts and get over it before it hatches eggs that hatches you can't control.

  • Sick b******

  • Yes you are a pervert, if you are 32 then how old is your daughter? PAEDO Alert

  • No you pervert

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