It's finally warm enough for the clothes to come off

My wife and I are naturalist or true nudist and we belong to a nudist club for several years. I am quite proud that a woman that is undeniably hot is my wife no matter where we go. She is a petite 5'4" 115 lbs, blond, blue eyes, hour glass figure, very firm 34C breast with blond aureola's.
I admit I married over my head being an average Joe if even that.

Since it was 85 degrees we broke out of work early and headed for the club. What a captivating sight watching my wife strolling naked through the club grounds. I admit when people come up to greet and talk to her it is both proud and exciting for me.

We are completely monogamous and quite dedicated to each other. There is nothing sexual about being a nudist but I will confess it's exciting to me when people get to view my wife's naked body in person.

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  • Wife and I have been nudist for years. If it was all about s** there would be 100 erections all day long at our club. Ive seen one once from a 20 year old young man at the pool, I can understand that being he was young and his 1st time being at a nudist club.

  • You are disgusting, as is your wife. Monogamous my ass. You encourage widespread adultery. Please DIE, you and all those like you.

  • There is nothing sexual about being a nudist but I will confess it's exciting to me when people get to view my wife's naked body in person.

    err anyone see the denial here.

  • Tell me about it. Dope contradicts thine self. These naturists are a freaking riot, That is one o' the first lines they always have ; " Nudism isn't about s**". They always pretend to defy or ignore nature when certainly that is impossible. They believe they can kid themselves when look, we are here to procreate. The men at the nudism sites don't try to hide their erect Penes ; as well they shouldn't. Everyone knows that men & women alike are stimulated or aroused in some sort by naked flesh ; all to individual degrees. So, let's get on the same page. Much more sexual activity occurs at any naturist/nudist site than will ever be admitted to. That is the natural human process. Nothing to hide here.

  • I agree,^, I want my wife to go to a nudist resort, but she won't go. She doesn't want anyone seeing her naked, but that's the whole reason I want to go. My wife has a hot body in her mid 50s and she thinks she's old. If I could get her to go to a nudist resort so guys check her out, maybe she will realise she's still hot. I also tried to get her to have a threesome with me and another stranger on vacation, but she wouldn't go for that either. I figured if another guy f**** her, she will understand that she is still hot.

  • I'll tell you something else ; you're spinning your wheels regarding your wife. Look, you know as well as I do that it's all about emotions with them. By mid 50's, her mind is made up that she's old, she isn't going anywhere naked & the only way she's going to get laid by a stranger is if he gets her naked, puts his hand to her throat, subdues her & takes her. Furthermore, you don't know for sure if any other man desires her.

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