50 Shades of Gay- Part 2

Continued from Part 1:
The very next day after this episode, I was traveling to a city quite far away. As soon as I landed and checked myself into the hotel, it was all but certain as to what I might do. I started using Grindr and Tinder. Grindr would buzz all the time from men seeking to park their penises to bottoms asking if I could satiate them while Tinder would just buzz once in a few hours with a match who would quite quickly unmatch me when they find out that all I wanted to do was to get in between their legs. By evening, I had zeroed in on a 58 year old mature top who described himself as fit, married and clean and was staying a mere 2 miles from my place. I sent him a few messages to see if he could be the lucky one. But alas, he couldn't!

As I was almost about to give up and retire for the night, there came a buzz. A 27 year old messaged me asking me if I were a top or a bottom. Bottom, I replied. Asked me for some pictures, to which I sent him one of my back. He quipped "love to enter that ass". I guess I decided to go 'cougar' (I was the elder one) and told him I'd like that. I blushed like a virgin 16 year old girl. He agreed and asked me if I like to be dominated, to which I promptly agreed. He said "I can't wait to enter that tempting hole and make you scream" to which I said "This p**** aches for your c***". I spent the next hour distracted and mildly nervous- I wanted to be at my best for him.

He finally shows up at my door at 11pm. Slim, average height and skinny jeans. We shook hands. Oh and I was already in my bath robe. He kept his things away and mentioned that we move to the bedroom. In the bedroom, he quickly opened the robe and marvelled at my body as though it was god's gift to mankind. It felt very nice actually. He threw me on the bed and started kissing my face and licked my ear, neck and throat. I've NEVER had foreplay done to me this good. My fiancé has a lot to learn from this guy, I thought. Quickly enough he had me powerless and started sucking on my nipples while occasionally running his hand through my b**** and p****. He would cusp my chest in a way that would resemble a woman's t*** and would quip "I could suck milk from this all day". He was still clothed and would let me nowhere near his crotch. Not just as yet he would tell me. He was about to kiss my lips to which I quickly said a no. I began to ache for a change of routine. The foreplay got so painfully long and boring to a point where I was just itching to either suck on his p**** or have me turned around and arouse my a***.

And get there we did! He spooned me and started running his hands around my butt and the ass crack. It was a real turn on. He started spanking me hard. Some of that was a lil too harsh but then I guess I enjoyed it just as much. He gently ran his fingers over my puckered hole which really excited me to no end. He then started kissing my butt and gently teased me with his tongue starting from my lower back all the way to just above my a***. Seeing how much I was enjoying this, he decided to change course. He ordered that I get down on my knees. He held my hand firmly around his waist and asked me to smell his c*** from the underwear. Finally I was getting some action, I thought. In the most subservient way possible, arched my back, I bent over his crotch with my face firmly dug deep into his shorts taking long and deep whiffs of his p****. He then asked me to excite the tip of his p**** with my mouth over his shorts.

By now, I was firmly his b****. We both knew that. HE would f*** my ass at his will and I will bend over and give him a b****** or present my ass as he desires. He then decided to take this to the next level and he uncovered just a part of his shorts- just enough to let his long p**** out. It was a clean uncut long one but not too thick. I knew what had to be done. I slowly started licking the entire length of his shaft and slowly going all the way to the top. While at the top, I would open my mouth and give him head slowly. I would use my tongue to gently draw circles on the forehead and tease him. I slowly but steadily began taking it in deeper. Then he firmly held my head and slowly thrust it in deeper and had me deep throat him many times. He took his shorts off and told me to lick his b****. Slowly I began drawing my tongue around his b****. Often I would gently lift his b**** up and start running my tongue from between the b**** all the way to his shaft.

Continued on Part 3

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