I hate being a stepdad!!!

I hate bein a f****** stepfather! It's the worst!!! I thought I knew what I was getting myself into but I had no f****** idea! A lot of s*** came to light when I got married that my wife never cared to mention. I was naive and got caught up in that honeymoon phase and made the stupid f****** mistake of never living together before marriage. The lie, steal, the 9 year old hides p*** clothes and I just flat out don't like him. He also still s*** his pants every now and then. It'd gotten to the point where the smell of pies would just set me off because he'd hide them so long that they'd start smelling like ammonia! I now remembered why I didn't have kids and I will be filing for divorce very soon! F*** this!! I used to be a world traveler but because I married into a ready made family I haven't been anywhere in three f****** years and it f****** sucks. They've drained my finances and I wake up every day miserable! F*** this I'm out. I feel guilty for leaving Because she truly is a good woman but I can't do it anymore. Well I'm off to the birthday dinner for this damn 13 year old where she felt the need to buy him a $500 f****** phone! Money we could put towards a trip or spe thing had we not had kids!!!

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  • MAN you got it right. My dumb ass married a mother of 3 at 23. Raised them for 11 years and got nothing from it after we split. Then my dumb ass did it again and now I'm going through h***! Her kids are so disrespectful and draining. DO NOT take on someone's kids no matter how hot the mom is. Its a complete waste of time and money. I want out of this h*** and can't wait to be free again!

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  • Wait until these kids turn 18......then hand them some gloves a forge their signature on a legally valid document allowing a boxing match. And then let that little b**** catch some hands

  • Yea, my stepkids just drain me of money $1 and $5 at a time. They have ZERO conceot of money and think if they want it, that they should have it. I am SO tired of supporting their lazy, entitled, self-centered a****. I live to see the day when their adult paycheck goes for rent and utilities and ONLY then will they realize that the $1 and $5 at a time ADDS UP! Until then I am stuck watching them put my wife and I in the poor house $1 at a time...😏

  • Anyone have one they don't want under 12 i would gladly take them, but the yonger the better

  • I'm a stepdad. Hands down the stupidest f****** thing I've ever gotten myself into...if you are a stepparent, you are absolutely 100% being used. I used to think about joining the French Foreign Legion, faking my own death, or just walking out of the house and not stopping until they find me face down in a drained pool somewhere. It takes two people on the same page to raise and discipline a child and you won't find that in a blended family or with parents who are divorced. I don't care what kind of superhero you think you are. We have a kid of our own together now so I choose to stay. To me it's an easy decision, be moderately miserable with boots on the ground in my kids life or go back to tackling clam with the potential for my kid to grow up like her mom or her sisters. At the end of the day kids these days are all s***. Doesn't matter if they're yours or someone else's, millennials really do suck.

  • No doubt!! Kids today, ESPECIALLY teens, are ungrateful, arragont, entitled, lazy, self-centered, immature individuals. They think the entire f****** world revolves around THEM AND THEIR WANTS!! When I was growing up that attitude would get your ass whipped with a paddle!! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! Nowadays that attitude and behavior is just tolerated and considered "expressing yourself". We are S******* UP OUR KIDS BY LETTING THIS GO UNCHECKED! I hate kids (teenagers) nowadays. If you don't , just take some time to talk to one. You will soon begin to realize just how messed up and self-centered that they really are! Then try raising one as a stepdad and being forced to "swallow" their s*** in fear that their mom (the woman you love) will get p***** at you! Yea, it is not a pleasant situation to be in. My advice, NEVER NEVER NEVER marry anyone with kids from someone else. Love may be grand, but being a step-parent will rip tjat love to f****** shreds!!

  • Man I’ve been a stepdad for three years and had multiple step parents. It’s all f*****. The girl is a brat. She lies to us constantly and mom took an evening job so while I work 50+ a week I still hav to do all the parenting. This girl is a piece of S***. I loved being her stepdad but now it’s always calls from school, lies about everything and quite frankly I’m f***ing done. I love my wife and our two kids but the girl can go back to her s*** dad’s and get out of our life. She yells that at us when she doesn’t get her way and I’ve started telling her “pack your bags or shut up.”

  • As a stepson with 3 stepdads under my belt I proclaim that this whole stepfamily experiment is a waste. How anyone thinks this is a good idea in our sick broken nuclear family world is a fool.
    To all you stepdads out there: F*** OFF

  • Also tell your w**** mother to eat it, succubus b**** can take care of your punk ass till either of you croaks

  • Ditto that. You go f*** yourself too and try not to get your first h***** knocked up. Loser

  • Dude, your feminist mother and her feminist comrades DESTROYED the "nuclear family".

    You are a victim of the NF's destruction, not a victim of the NF itself, because you never really had one.

  • As a current stepdad to teenagers I will not resort to using curse words as they only show a lack of intelligence. What I will do is to wish for you that you NEVER become a stepdad. You may think that you have the "inside track" to being a good step parent because if your "experiences", but I ASSURE YOU that you do not. Being a step parent just plain sucks and it is ungrateful and entitled step kids that make it so VERY miserable. I wish you better luck that what 99.9% of stepdads expeeience.

  • We wish you’d f*** off to you ungrateful little f***. No one wants you. Not the three stepdads or the real one. That’s why the f***** bounced. You are a waste of existence.

  • F*** off you ungrateful p****

  • Little b****.

  • They all took your lil ungrateful punk ass in. Have some gratitude you lil b****

  • Yep, TOTALLY agree. Step kids are f****** UNGRATEFUL!! I have two teenage step kids and they think that they are OWED everything that they WANT. I fault their mom for this attitude as they were at her own admission "coddled" for years after she divorced their dad. However, that doesn't change the FACT that they are entitled and ungrateful. My only joy and "payback" comes in KNOWING that they will BOTH have a tough adult life thinking that the world owes them EVERYTHING for simply existing!! That sounds horrible to say but I hate them and how they have come between me and their mom. It could not happen to two more deserving brats!! That is assuming that they actually EVER leave home. Some days I wonder if that will ever happen....😔...For now I cling to hope that one day their mom (my wife) realizes that they intentionally sabatoge our marriage. I wish I had known 8 years ago what I know now. This stepdad crap that I got myself into to two ungrateful entitled brats would have NEVER happened!

  • I am a srep father at the begining everything was great cause i did not have any contact with them however things have changed and now we have to take into consideration his opinion that is something that really sucks i dont wanna ask him what to do that s*** is really killing my marriage

  • I have been a step father for 20 years now it f****** sucks the wife's daughter chose a druggie dumb f*** i thought when i finally raised them i would be done but h*** no its just starting now there are grand children i have to help raise now the f****** daughter has no one to help her when her husband gets physical with her my step son has a horrible wife my step daughters husband was sleeping with my stepsons wife they wont leave each other they just bring home the same old bull**** over and over again it is taking my life.

  • Personally as a step kid this what would be a call out for help. You need to sit down with your step kids after finding evidence or something like catching the terrible wife and the terrible husband and remember it’s h****** your step kids too. Not only that their children, your grandkids. They need you man. So if I were you I would get evidence, sit down with your kids talk to them softly and show them “evidence” or whatever it is you’re gonna use. Yes they will be upset, but they would rather know the truth then keep living a lie. Yes they won’t be happy but then they will meet newer better people who will love their kids and them and change their life around. You have the power to help change their lives but instead you complain. If you do this that is a major step of showing you care. Something I wish my stepdad would show. Mine had never said I love you. But I’m sure you probably have. You don’t want hem to live horribly so fix it and save them.

  • Uh, his comment was quite clear as to why what you said won't work.

  • I hear ya dude. My 16 y/o step son is the most ungrateful little SOB. I've raised him the past 11 years. He alkie/drug addict father dropped dead of a heart attack 5 years ago and he still idolizes the guy while I get no appreciation for raising him whatsoever. I'm just counting the 1.5 years he's got left in school and I hope like h*** he's out.

  • Get out before you knock her up

  • F*** being a step parent I did it for four years if I didnt lay down to make him I wont raise them

  • I have to agree I do overtime and I am always broke her daughter is a spoiled b**** and shows no respect to anyone. The only reason why her daughter aka respects me because i told her I will kick her ass out and if her mom dont like it she can go too.

  • Milfs are overrated as f***

  • Yes they are. The older I get, the more I realize that. I love my wife but I hate my stepkids even more. The price I pay for being a stepdad is just not worth the ocassional "alone time" that my wife and I get. Sad but true. I wish I had known this 8 years ago...😔

  • "The price I pay for being a stepdad is just not worth the occasional "alone time" that my wife and I get."

    No s***, sherlock. That's why the smart man goes hunting childless, hopefully a virgin, bride. Then you have all the "alone time" you want/need.

  • Agreed 100% too much work no reward

  • Agreed dude. Time for you to jet out of there. If you stay you will punish them and you

  • I feel bad for that kid. Pooping his pants at the age of 9 ? He must have a problem

  • Ikr he could be sick or be slow

  • I don't think she's all that great of a mother if the kid is still pooping his pants at 9, that is usually a sign of molestation (taught to me by an FBI profiler)! You need to get out of there before you get blamed for something you didn't do; not to mention you could be free! Good luck!

  • Or the kid could be sick, can be slow.

  • The fact that they lie and steal tells me they were not brought up right, you can't fix it, you can only save yourself and you know I'm right

  • Raising kids are not that easy b******.. you should have kept quiet with your d*** you d******.. why dont you use your hands instead of women..?

  • Lol

  • Why don't you suck my d*** b****! You real big talking behind a keyboard. If you don't like the post you can't get ass f***** by a railroad spike

  • F*** you mother f****** p**** ass toad? I will mother f****** kill you once I identify you p****

  • P*** off you little b**** baby

  • Wow!!

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