I hate being a stepdad!!!

I hate bein a f****** stepfather! It's the worst!!! I thought I knew what I was getting myself into but I had no f****** idea! A lot of s*** came to light when I got married that my wife never cared to mention. I was naive and got caught up in that honeymoon phase and made the stupid f****** mistake of never living together before marriage. The lie, steal, the 9 year old hides p*** clothes and I just flat out don't like him. He also still s*** his pants every now and then. It'd gotten to the point where the smell of pies would just set me off because he'd hide them so long that they'd start smelling like ammonia! I now remembered why I didn't have kids and I will be filing for divorce very soon! F*** this!! I used to be a world traveler but because I married into a ready made family I haven't been anywhere in three f****** years and it f****** sucks. They've drained my finances and I wake up every day miserable! F*** this I'm out. I feel guilty for leaving Because she truly is a good woman but I can't do it anymore. Well I'm off to the birthday dinner for this damn 13 year old where she felt the need to buy him a $500 f****** phone! Money we could put towards a trip or spe thing had we not had kids!!!

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  • I have been a step father for 20 years now it f****** sucks the wife's daughter chose a druggie dumb f*** i thought when i finally raised them i would be done but h*** no its just starting now there are grand children i have to help raise now the f****** daughter has no one to help her when her husband gets physical with her my step son has a horrible wife my step daughters husband was sleeping with my stepsons wife they wont leave each other they just bring home the same old bull**** over and over again it is taking my life.

  • I hear ya dude. My 16 y/o step son is the most ungrateful little SOB. I've raised him the past 11 years. He alkie/drug addict father dropped dead of a heart attack 5 years ago and he still idolizes the guy while I get no appreciation for raising him whatsoever. I'm just counting the 1.5 years he's got left in school and I hope like h*** he's out.

  • Get out before you knock her up

  • F*** being a step parent I did it for four years if I didnt lay down to make him I wont raise them

  • I have to agree I do overtime and I am always broke her daughter is a spoiled b**** and shows no respect to anyone. The only reason why her daughter aka respects me because i told her I will kick her ass out and if her mom dont like it she can go too.

  • Milfs are overrated as f***

  • Agreed 100% too much work no reward

  • Agreed dude. Time for you to jet out of there. If you stay you will punish them and you

  • I feel bad for that kid. Pooping his pants at the age of 9 ? He must have a problem

  • I don't think she's all that great of a mother if the kid is still pooping his pants at 9, that is usually a sign of molestation (taught to me by an FBI profiler)! You need to get out of there before you get blamed for something you didn't do; not to mention you could be free! Good luck!

  • The fact that they lie and steal tells me they were not brought up right, you can't fix it, you can only save yourself and you know I'm right

  • Raising kids are not that easy b******.. you should have kept quiet with your d*** you d******.. why dont you use your hands instead of women..?

  • Lol

  • Why don't you suck my d*** b****! You real big talking behind a keyboard. If you don't like the post you can't get ass f***** by a railroad spike

  • F*** you mother f****** p**** ass toad? I will mother f****** kill you once I identify you p****

  • Wow!!

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