Wife admit to a 6 year long affair

So my wife has been friends with Jason for as long as I can remember and probably longer. When she introduced me to him she said that he was just a family friend. He comes over a couple times a week. he is at all the major family functions. I have always been leery around him but couldn't put my finger on why.

So two weeks ago, I got off work early. Too many managers scheduled to work so I got to take an early day off. I wasn't supposed to be home until around 9pm but I headed home at around 5. I got home and his car was there. No big deal. It's there a couple times a week. I walk into the house. They aren't in the living room. I take off my shoes and jacket. I walk back to the bedroom with my shirt half off and my pants unbuttoned. I was gonna have a shower in the bathroom in the bedroom. I walk in and they are naked in bed together. She is on her hands and knees. He is f****** her doggy style. He's got ahold of her ass and just f****** the s*** out of her. Both of them are soaked with sweat. She is moaning loud and grunting and talking dirty like I've never heard her talk before. She is saying stuff like "Oh yeah daddy. F*** my p****. Come on daddy. F*** me harder. Harder. Come on. I've been a bad girl. Gimme that big d***." He says, "You like this d***? Do you s***?" She says, "Oh god I love your big d***." He says, "I'm gonna c** soon. Where do you want it? You c** yet?" She says, "Twice already daddy. C** on my face baby."

I'm standing there oddly turned on instead of mad like I think I should be. He grabs her ass with both hands and is slamming his c*** into her p****. Her big t*** and gut are swaying back and forth with each stroke. He says, "I'm gonna c** baby. Flip over. I'm gonna c**." She turns over and opens her mouth. She starts strumming her c*** as he finishes by j********** onto her face. They c** together. He is shooting a massive load onto her face and in her mouth. She is grunting and moaning and she c*** as well.

He finishes and collapses onto the bed. I take a few steps further into the room. They both turn to see me. I just say, "Hi there. Got off work early today. Gonna go have a shower." And I went into the bathroom and shut the door.

Like 3 minutes later she comes in frantic. She says, "Listen honey. I can explain." I said, "There is nothing you can say to talk your way out of what I saw honey. You were f****** him and from what I saw having a damn good time doing it." She said, "Are you mad?" I said, "Mad doesn't matter. Can't change what happened so why get mad?"

When I got out of the shower, Jason was gone and Stacy was doing the dishes and fixing dinner. I grabbed my gym bag. She said, "Baby. Where are you going?" I said, "To go work out." She said, "Dinner is almost done." I said, "Thanks for cooking but I'll eat it later."

So that was 2 weeks ago. So two nights ago, I was originally supposed to close but switched with another manager who needed the day off. So I got off work and was headed home. It was around 6 pm. I got home and his car was there. Walked in the door and she was bent over the kitchen table. He was f****** her again. From what I could see and I could see a lot, he was f****** her in the ass. She has always told me that she doesn't even wanna try that because it will hurt. She was moaning and grunting. Talking dirty. She was saying, "Oh god. I'm gonna c**. Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Daddy are you close." He says, "Yes baby. Real close." She says, "C** in my ass daddy. Oh god gimme that big d***." He moans out loud and blows his load in her ass.

She goes limp on the kitchen table. He goes limp laying on her back with his c*** still in her ass but going soft. She then says, "Let's go get in the shower. We need to get cleaned up before..." They turn around and I'm watching them.

She says, "Dammit. Not again. Honey, I..." I stop her and say, "How long has this been going on?" She says, "Ok. The truth?" I said, "Uh yeah." She said, "Since the night before the wedding. We got drunk and had s**."

He got dressed and left. I said, "Keep going. Just tell me everything." She said, "Remember when I went to go see mom in Tennessee and my car broke down and Jason said he would drive me?" I said, "Yep. You told me you slept in your brothers old room and he got a hotel." She said, "They went out of town and didn't tell me so we stayed in the room together. We had s** probably 5 times." I said, "5 times! You were gone two nights!" She said, "I know. We never left the room." I said, "What else?" She said, "Our vacation this year to Miami beach..." I said, "Yeah?" She said, "Didn't go to the beach much. We had s** twice a day every day but the next to last day." I said, "The day you and I had s**. I mentioned how wet you were and thought you were really h****." She said, "He had c** inside me about an hour before that." too be continued.

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  • Your a complete sissy piece of s***

  • I'm his wife and yes he is, I love being f***** and je isn't up to it and that's why I let him see me getting what the w***** cant give me. I have f***** dozens of other real men

  • There's few real men left in the world. She cheated on you the whole marriage and you have the nerve to get aroused. No wonder she calls him daddy because she sees you as a female like her. She's going to have you sucking d*** soon.

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