My wife is away on a business trip.

My wife is away on a business trip.
I keep a very small stash of pop just for occasions like this. Earlier this evening, after I got home for work, I smoked a small bowl and took my door for a walk. I went through the park and adjoining school yard, around the entire neighborhood. I stopped to chat with a few neighbors and get a bag of chips at the corner 7-11.

I got home and settled in front of the TV and called for Conner (the dog). Conner did not come. I called a few more times and it finally hit me - I didn't bring him back home! I left home with him, and I was pretty sure he was with me up to the point that I went into the 7-11, at which point I vaguely recalled looping his leash on the bike rack outside.

In a panic, I ran outside and tripped right over him - he was laying down on the welcome mat at our front door.

I confess that at age 53, it is time for me to stop smoking weed.

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  • It happens...I was on a drinking binge one weekend, making multiple stops and staying too long. Had to scratch the bottom of my foot in my car in a parking lot, so, took off my shoes and had at it. Drove to the next place, only across the street, got out of the car, actually walked into the sports bar, and thought..Why the h*** are my feet wet? Turns out, I left my shoes in the other parking lot and didn't realize it.

    Even my hot older sister, when she first started her job, went to a holiday party and got out of hand..Somehow got home, but, forgot where she parked her car. We drove around at least an hour before passed it and she said, oh, yeah..I did park there. By the corner!

  • This is an old confession

  • maybe connor and the door came home together

  • The part where you take your door for a walk... Man, that's some strong stuff!

  • There is only one sentence of advice I can give you for this...

    It's wasn't the weed's fault, it was the dog, so kill the dog.

  • You smoked your pop?

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