Mom in law

I had a thing about my mom in law when we shared the same house one day i was home alone for a while so i walked around naked,after a few hours my mom in law returned so i went into my room,i could hear her upstairs so i went to the bathroom naked knowing well that when she walked from her front room to her kitchen she could see down the stairs into my bathroom.after about 10 mins i heard her opening the door so i slowly opened my bathroom door and walked out just as she came out of her room,she looked strait down and saw me naked.i looked up at her and tried coverin my c*** up and said oops she stood lookin and smiled so i said hi how are you she said ok thanks.i then said i was off for a shower so she said ok see you later.i went back into the bathroom and started my shower,after about 10 mins the door opened and she walked in and watched me,i asked if she wanted a shower too and she said yes so i said she ccan join me she took all her clothes off and got in,we both showered together feelin each others bodies then we ended in bed havi the best f*** ive ever had

Mar 9, 2019

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  • Sister kk im here huggs yous all kk sister

  • Bullshit. I flashed my MIL once, she cried.

  • Because she was hoping to see something but your d*** was too small.

  • 😂🤣

  • Bruh 😂😂

  • Yawn.

    Grow up you sad little man.

  • F*** yu yu gobshite

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