Dont care i ruined garage door

So I went outside with my kids for a smoke. It was the middle of the day, and they were bored. A car came through the underground parking garage of our apartment, with the garage door raising to let him out, and then closing. My 3 kids asked if they could gets rides on the door. I said sure and went to get the clicker. I came out and smoked while I repeatedly opened and closed the door with the clicker. At first just one kid each rode up and down the door by hanging on the edge of the door (its a metal grate-like door). Then 2 at a time, and finally, all 3 decided they would like to go up and down together. I could tell the motor was really struggling, but my kids were having a good time so I kept it up as I smoked more cigarettes. Finally, with smoke coming out from where the motor was, the door quit half-way up. I put out my last ciggy and told my kids that was it for the day. I'll wait till they get it fixed, then maybe we'll do it again some day. I really don't care; it's not my property.

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  • The laws on renting to scummy "parents" like you need to change. It's becoming more and more common to charge monthly fees for a renter to keep a pet, no matter the species or how well the person looks after the animal. But hey, you have 5 feral brats who tear apart landscaping when they're bored? Sure, move on in!

    I'd tell you to get f.ucked with a cactus, but your stretched-out vag probably wouldn't even feel it.

  • I'm like you--a selfish Mom who will do anything to make my kids happy, certainly at the expense of others. The other day there was this big long 1970s cadillac in the WalMart parking lot. My 2 girls thought it would be fun to dance on the huge hood, so I let them. The hood of course got all dented, but they had fun, and that's all that mattered.

  • You realize your precious girls will probably end up gangraped by frat boys, right? Or maybe they'll actually turn out all right and ditch your toxic, wrinkled old a$$ when you think you "need" them the most. Bad things tend to happen to trash. Watch your back.

  • You're setting a poor example DAD for your children by teaching them that is okay to ruin someone else's property. Having fun is very important but not at someone else's expense. You wouldn't anyone to do this to you, I bet.

  • I'm a MOM, you idiot.

  • Does it really matter? You're still a s***** parent. Mom, YOU ARE the idiot here... Dad probably does a better job anyway.

  • And when something of yours gets ruined, don't complain. If you don't give a s***, why should anyone else give a s*** about you.

  • Here you what i like to call a pos mother.

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