I saw a black gang member get punished for leaving the gang

Apparently what happened was this. Some black kid had been a gang member and then left. He was told the only way he could get back in was to "lose his manhood". He had to suck a guy off in front of the gang and a white guy.

I didn't want to watch but since I was there I did. The kid got on his knees and sucked a guy off and was forced to swallow the s****. The happened on the school playground.

I told my parents about this incident and they got me out of that s*** hole of a school and I went somewhere else.

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  • You are a liar .. a gay liar. Just be gay.

  • This is bull!

  • Hopefully this is just a crappy rumor. Back in the days. You want in, you got your ass beat.. You want out.. Well you leave the same way you came in. Or in a pine box

  • What a waste of time

  • Gay gangstas

  • They're gay if u want a dude to suck u off ur gay pretty simple

  • Back in High school I was made the b**** for all members of a Hispanic gay gang. There was 11 members in the gang and before school or after school or even in between classes if one or more told me to meet them where ever I showed up and if I didn't I was punished and then they would f*** my ass or face till they got their rocks off in me and left. They were ruff and hard with me and only had me around to get their rocks off and fill me with their c**.
    Then it happen just as I was taking out the garbage at home five showed up and I didn't even know they knew where I lived and I was ordered to drop my pants right then and there in the dusk of the evening all five f***** me and filled my ass with their c**. As always I felt so ashamed and low all I wanted to do was hide.
    That week end mom and dad had to go out of town for three days and they left around 11 that night well no sooner they left and there was Jose and he wanted me and I almost said no my sis is inside and he said do you want her to become a member and I said you do and I'll kill you and I meant it for she was only 10 and then he said well he's going to be spending the night and all weekend and I though oh no.
    Long story short he f***** me three times that night and four time Saturday and three3e Sunday and twice Monday before he left and later Monday my sister asked me why that guy was doing that to you and I almost puked and I had to explain it to her and told her she could never tell any one and made her promise me and she did.
    To this day I am still their b**** and I am now 32 years old unmarried and I don't think I ever will be.

  • What a sad memory - just shows how destructive and peer pressured gangs can be.

  • Disgusting! What nasty pigs

  • What bullshit, doesn't happen that way. If they let you out then you never get to come back, no matter how many d**** you sucked, but they might be willing to put him out as a h*****, but never a gang member

  • I'm the op and they also tattooed "For Life" on his back.

  • Wtf kind of gang is that! Never heard of losing your manhood! I just thought they would kill you or something, that's a gay gang

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