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I have been married for 6 yrs. Last year I found it hard to keep my wife happy out of the bedroom. She just seemed so unhappy and because of this rairly wanted s**. I told her I had needs that needed to be fulfilled. She told me as long as I kept loving her that I could go fulfill those needs. My wife is a slim built redhead with athletic body. She is 10yrs my younger and enjoys me happy. So last year I started f****** a coworker from my work about 4 times a week. She is a blonde chubby woman. I normally invite her over when my wife is at work and we f*** on the couch or our bed. She knows I'm married and is ok with that. This woman does it all deepthroat,a*** dirty talk. It's great. So last week I'm with her up in our bed and I ontop of her f****** her p**** hard while she's sucking her nipple and queezing her t*** for me. And my wife walks in and gets out of her work clothing and into her workout outfit. She comes over to the bed and asks her if she's having fun. And without a beat she says to my wife. F*** ya! Then she looks at me and says finish up hun we need to go shopping after. And sits there and waits. Now I told her I would always use a condom with her but we never do. She notice this and says no rubber eh? I shamefully said no. She says you always pull out though right. I say yes then I start to feel like I'm about to explode. She leans over the bed looks me right in the face and says "fill this s*** p**** with your hot c**" really?? I say. She said yes. Do it right now. And literally as she said now! I let out a big hot load of c** pushing deep inside her fat p****. I have found out that my wife enjoys watching me f*** another woman. Was best moments ever since then

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  • Cucking your own wife huh what a f****** f*****

  • You're lucky!!!

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