I hate her and the kids

I hate it when my boyfriend f**** his wife. I know he has to do it, but I still hate it. I hate her, too. I want him all to myself. And my New Year's Resolution is going to be to take him away from her and their kids and have him all to myself. I hate her and I hate their kids.

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  • And you wonder why people like me dispose of people like you...

  • You are truly delusional. HE'S WITH HIS WIFE...He's just using you for s**. If he wanted you and not her, he would have left her by now. He's just a cheater. And if you think the kids and his wife will be out of the picture, should he leave..you are so foolishly and naively wrong. If you want a man, why don't you find one who's single without the added baggage of a wife and kids. Or you can't get a man of your own...

  • No delusion here.....I can get him when I want him, because I'm a much better f*** than his wife. After Jan. 1, I'm going to take him away from her and those miserable brats.......PERMANENTLY.

  • Really? You'd deprive his kids of their father because of your desires? Selfish is the only word to describe you.

  • All you are is a f***.. f****** delusional.

  • You really wouldn't believe how good I am in bed. You really wouldn't. :)

  • Seek therapy. Quickly.

  • :) All I'm going to be seeking is a new place for us to live, once I have him leave home. I'm in an apartment now, but that will change once he's with me. We'll get a house or a very very nice condo near his office. Or else, we will kick his b**** wife and children out of his house and move in there ourselves. It's going to be great. Sorry your wrong.

  • Selfless b****

  • Heathenous wench if you succeed you'll regret it

  • LOL. I won't regret anything, except possibly not having stolen him sooner. He is going to be MINE. :)

  • Lol, you're going to be disappointed. If you need rebound s**, let me know ;)

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