Secret affair

I've been having s** with my (legal age) step daughter for about 7 months now.

My wife and I sleep in separate bedrooms. Not because of fighting or anything. Because her snoring keeps me awake and aside from that I have to get up early and my alarm wakes her up.

So I can't help but look at missy when she is around the house. She wears skimpy house clothes. Sometimes just her panties and a bra. She also walks nude from the bathroom to her bedroom after a shower. She is just gorgeous.

So one night I was in my bedroom j**********. I was completely nude. I had some p*** on my phone. Missy has a bad habit of not knocking. She has walked in on me several times while changing. Totally innocent but she has seen me completely nude. She has also walked in on me f****** her mother. Kinda hard to cover up or hide ourselves when her mom is on all fours and I'm f****** her doggystyle.

Anyway, missy walked in and saw me with my c*** in my hand. She stopped and stared at me. I layed their with my hand on my c***. She said, "Mmm. Someone's having fun." I covered up and said, "You really need to learn to knock." She said, "Oh, I've seen your d*** enough times by now. Why aren't you back there with mom?" I said, "She's got her monthly friend." She said, "Looks like you need some help." I said, "Yeah she wasn't wanting to help." She said, "Well, I could help you." I said, "Yeah that would be something to see. Your mom walk in and see you naked in here with me." She said, "She is asleep and snoring. She won't wake up."

She was wearing just a tshirt. No panties and no bra. She took it off. Wow my raging h******. She started sucking my d***. So naughty but so nice. Then she slid her way up and sat down on my d***. I said, "Um. I'm not wearing any protection." She said, "No worries. I'm on the pill." She sat up and moved her hips as we f*****. She started playing with her p****. She didn't last long. She moaned out loud as she came. Then I had her get on her hands and knees. I grabbed her firm, round ass and f***** her doggy style. I didn't last much longer. I came in her p****. We both layed down on my bed afterwards. She said, "I've been wanting to do that for 2 years now." I said, "Yeah but I could've gotten in big trouble. It's better now that you are legal." She said, "We should totally do this more." I said, "And your mother?" She said, "I won't tell if you don't. She would be just as mad at me as she would at you."

Missy and I have been having s** at least twice a week every week since. The week my wife went to visit her sister, missy and I had s** 8 days in a row.

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  • I've been having s** with my 13yo step-daughter for almost a year. Her father had first f***** her when she was 9yo, and she missed c*** so much after her mother divorced him. Her mother doesn't know that I' f****** her daughter. The girl hasn't started her periods yet, so I f*** her without a condom It's fantastic. Her c*** is so warm ad tight, and she o****** several times when being f*****.

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