My Older sister

My name is Sean i'm 24 I have an older sister Named Dina who is 31 I have strong sexual thoughts of my sister, My sister is so HOT shes tiny like 5'2 and 105 lbs She has short and sassy hair, green eyes, juicy lips, Smooth shaved Armpits, little b****, sexy back, pooch belly, trimmed V*****, toned thighs, silky legs, and the most Gorgeous feet. I constantly M********* to her MS pics While I was having s** with a girl friend I was fanisizing of My sister the hole time, when I was younger my family went to Branson and My sister and I slept in the same bed she had on a tight t-shirt and panties and during the night I woke up and she had her leg around me II was on my side facing her and realized shes a real heavy sleeper, So i put my arm around her and started rubbing her lower back and started kissing her sleeping lips she had sum warm drool but i licked it off her lips i held on to her while i rolled over on my back and she was on top of me while I was sucking on her lips a mouth full of drool unloaded in my mouth from her I swallowed it I kept rubbing her lower back and slid down to her buttcheeks I slipped her panties down aimed my p**** at her butt hole and rubbed it till I came in her and it filled her panties

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I am now 26 and my sister is 24. I don’t remember when or how it started, but when we were a lot younger, I used to sneak into my sister’s room at night. I would call out her name, touch her forehead or her arm to see if she was awake. She used to sleep with her panties on and a t-shirt. I would usually touch her ass, squeeze it and kiss it. I was definitely an ass man, and man did she have a sweet ass. Once she was lying on her back and I managed to pull her panties down to her knees. I then gently spread her legs and saw her p****. She must have been in a real deep sleep that night because I licked her p**** and fingered her and she didn’t move at all. Another time I put my d*** right up next to her lips. I used my fingers to open her mouth and put my d*** in between her teeth. My d*** was covered in precum. I then used her hand to jack myself off. I smeared some of the c** over her lips. Once she slept on her side and I managed to get into bed with her and rub my d*** against her ass. I used to also really enjoy just kissing her on the lips. This kind of stuff happened a lot – basically every night. When she would move, I would storm out of her room. A couple of times she woke up and I was just standing there and made up some reason about why I was in her room. I don’t know if she believed me or if she knew. After a while I stopped doing this stuff because I thought she was getting suspicious. I continued to sniff her panties and j*******. Its funny, but I was always really popular with girls. I’ve had plenty of girl friends now – all very attractive – but I have never stopped being turned on by my sister. I often think of her when having s** with other girls. The thought of looking into her eyes while I f*** her, knowing she’s my little sister drives me crazy. Don’t know what to do about it.

  • What the f***.
    I hope she f****** wakes up to you doing that one day.
    I hope one day you realise how f****** creepy and revolting that is. She is your sister. That is incest.
    Plus its rape, she's asleep!

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