Making Love to Another Mam

I`m 53 years old and really want to make love to another man. Not just s**, but to make love by candle light in a big four poster bed, maybe with a couple of nice glasses on vino on the night stand to enjoy along the way. I want to explore his body from head to toe and every where in between and kiss him all night long. I want his d*** inside me, first in my mouth and then in my ass as he slowly pumps me until he c*** inside me. Calling out my name as fills me up. Do any of you other men have similar feelings?

Dec 30, 2015

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  • It's never too late to realize a fantasy. I had a similar fantasy for many years, then one day I stopped off for a beer at an area tavern, met a guy much younger and all we did was talk.
    Then he began to drop by the house once in awhile to visit with the wife and I, over a few months we got pretty close. Strange since it was like a father and son relationship. We went hunting, fishing, played Golf rarely, he helped me working on my boat.
    Then he confessed that he was bisexual when I asked if he had a girl friend, and he always had some troubles owning up to it, I mentioned it was OK because I was also.
    He looked at me and suggested that maybe we could try and see how it goes.
    Now every once in awhile we stop by his apartment and enjoy each other, I am the more dominant one so usually I am the top. I have let him do me from behind a few times, it feels just like when my wife does that during s** with her.
    My favorite is when we are both naked and sucking on each other. He is pretty small which is perfect.
    It is nice to satisfy an urge, and now my wife knows and understands, at least she says she does.

  • Woooo, not for me. I would do it with a woman though.

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