Older men

I love the thought of an older man deep inside of me making me c** h****** his c*** while he pumps load after load of c** into my p****. I want so much inside of me that his seed to drips out.

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  • I will f*** you I am 60 and I am jacking my c*** reading your confession

  • You fucktard bitchh if you are that much crazy why the fuckk there are no contact details to destroy you anally

  • Sometimes, there are people that actually read and follow terms of service.

  • I was 13, when I seduced a family friend in his 50's and he took my virginity.

    The week before that had happened I tried to seduce my father, but would not do it. His rejection hurt me so badly.

    I still love him so much and want him in me.

    So I f*** guys over 50, I think of my father making love to me.

    I'm 18 now and I can't c** with guys my age.

  • DAMN! I'm over 50 but I like them 13 or under, wish I was daddy I would have started enjoying your p**** right away

  • I wish i could join those boys and would have eaten you like a maniac

  • How would you cook her flesh? And with what sauce?

  • Alfredo sauce

  • Says the 14 year old punk kid in his mommy and daddy's house.

  • Why is that problem? I say good for her. Hope she finds a gut that is good to her

  • Guy*

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