Publicly spanked

We were 16 my best friend lily and me were at a party we lost a bet so we had to strip the worst part was the guy I liked was there lily started yelling so the host of the party decided to teach her a lessen he threw her over his knee and started to spank her till her ass cheeks were red he then flipped her over and spanked her p**** she was crying now he then yelled out I will give 50 bucks to whoever will finger this little brat right here in front of every one a guy are age said he would he came over to were lily was and instead of fingering her he picked her up and carried her home he said it was not right to touch a women like that. Mean while I'm scared to death sitting in the corner when the guy I like came over and did the sweetest thing he put his over sized hoodie on me took my hand and said I'm sorry this all happened he gave me a soft kiss and took me home ??

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