I'm such a cliché

I had a serious boyfriend who was a "bad boy" but amazing in bed. My entire family hates him. When we broke up I started dating a guy I work with just to get over him, a total rebound. My family loves him because he is so "perfect". But for the past 6 months I've continued hooking up with the ex. I feel like I'm stuck with this boring guy who is terrible in bed (lasts less than 1 minute every time) and annoys the h*** out of me on a daily basis because of our mutual friends/work situation.

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  • ^Yes, that has been my point too! Either work with what ya got and make it work for ya, or leave him, cause cheating is NEVER okay!

  • Exactly. Have him rub one off 20 mins before you really get down to it. There is something called a refractory phase when the whole system shuts down after s**. Hormones slows, pulse slows, blood pressure relaxes. Its about 8 minutes minimum. Then its about starting again. Maybe its a bit longer than that for him. You blow him and waited how long? Couldn\\\\'t you think of something to do while waiting? Make him eat you out? M********* in front of him? Use a toy in the mean time? Do you think ignoring it will help? This is why councilors make so much money. Try more than \\\\'once\\\\'.

    Also, it isn\\\\'t about sticking up for the guy. We\\\\'re just educated on the subject. Anyone who knows more about s** than what feels good would know these things.

    Stop cheating. You are being selfish.

  • ^Well, then stop complaining and leave him!!!

  • Girl I tried that, and he is only good for 1 round. One night I gave him a BJ and then got it hard again so we could f***, but it was only semi-hard, nothing like round 1. It was pathetic. I am too old to teach. I need a man that already knows what he is doing!

  • ^Actually, I am a girl loser. I am trying tohelp the girl out and give her some advice. If a man has trouble with this issue, there are things women can do to prolong the s**. Oh BTW, OP, Have you tried getting him to bust a nut BEFORE you start having s**. Give him head until he c***, then he should be able to last longer inside you!

  • Dude obviously you're a 2 pump chump too since you're sticking up for him. Girl I can go all night call me ;)

  • LOL^^^^ Honey, you obviously don't have much sexual experience if you don't know how to get satisfaction out of s**, with ANY guy. H***, you can get off during foreplay if you have to! A real woman can speak her mind and let her man know what to do, how long to do it, where to do it and how good it makes you feel, whassa matter, can't speak up? Would you rather sneak around like some triflin ass hoe? During s**, there are ways to make your man last longer. When you feel he is bout to c** - STOP WHATEVER YOUR DOING, until he calms down of course. Men need to be trained in bed. . .duh! You probabl aren't that great in bed either, otherwise you would know all the tricks to keep a man hard. . .stupid little girl! read Cosmo, they will help you!

  • I'm 26, I've never been n"knocked up" and I don't plan on it. That was funny though.
    As far as the ex-bf goes, he knows everything and he still thinks we're going to get back together and be married someday. That we are "soul mates". I obviously don't feel the same way, and basically use him for the great s** my current bf isn't giving me.

    How do you teach someone to last longer than a minute?! He has a premature e********** problem, that's not my problem. So I basically just pretend to fall asleep as soon as I get in bed. Better to avoid the whole thing.

  • LOL I love comment #1. You are a s****, and you deserve all of that to happen to you, s***!

  • Help with the premature issue. Find a way to make it work. Teach him. You can do that, right? If you're so good in bed do it.

    But, if the relationship issue is the bigger problem because of you two working together all the time, just kill it right now. Be truthful to yourself. Do you love Mr Boring? Will you have children with him? Will you grow old together? Is he funny, nice to be around, and makes you feel appreciated?

    Mr Bad is in a great position for himself. He doesn't have to worry about your feelings as its no strings s**. Who else does he have on the hook? Do you know if he's seeing someone as well? Do you know where to get an emergency day-after pill?

    I wonder what you would do if Mr. Boring is cheated on you too.

  • (cough, s****, cough cough) No, but seriously, s****. Look, let me tell you whats gonna happen before it does, you'll keep cheating, get knocked up, try to blame the nice guy, he'll get smart then and dump your ass, then you'll cry and blame everyone for your problems but you.
    If you don't like the nice guy dump him. don't worry, you'll still get knocked up, and you can take the alternate paths of either daddy leaves town, or, sleazy daddy marries skanky mommy and beats skanky mommy.
    Have fun with that!

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