Peeing on my friend

I have always wanted to pee on a guy in bed. Finally I met a guy that is pretty meek and not opposed to new ideas. so one day I peed on him while we were in bed. To my delight, he got hard and we had s**. Repeat many times. Poor guy, his mattress got ruined. We never did it when he was over at my place because i won't have my bed ruined. Eventually, we had so much peeing s** in his bed that he had to get a new bed, and made me promise not to pee any more. Well, as soon as he got a new mattress, I got on top of him and peed. To my surprise, he got hard and we had s**. Now, I'm ruining his new mattress, and he doesn't stop me. I love it. Ive never had so much fun before in my life. I love peeing on my men in bed, and he loves it. Unfortunately, his bed is getting unbearably stinky again, and he will have to buy a new mattress again. Oh well...not my money!!!

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  • I want a woman to p*** on my face, in my mouth, all over my d*** and then to f*** me after

  • Buy a plastic sheet

  • Me and my GF love the old golden showers but we have a walk in shower in a wet room. Pee on each other as much as you like and not ruin the bed. btw you are one selfish cow.

  • I used to let my ex pee on c*** was the best...i still w*** to the thought of it. ;)

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