When I got on birth control for my skin, my mom was convinced that since my hormone levels will even out, my "fits of anger" will calm down.

Apparnetly I'd stop "being so sick" and "mood swingy" too.

But guess what mom, I STILL ACT AND FEEL THE SAME.

So, f*** the idea of hormones controlling my life. Maybe I really do get angry and maybe I really do get sick.

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  • ^ Best advice ever.

  • Birth control didn't work for me either (for cramps). It sounds llike your anger issues are not pms, so why would you think they would help anyway? Try smoking pot, that cures my anger real quick.

  • ^^ Yeah I'm afraid I do have the right to say what I wish, when I wish, and so do you.
    I will even concede you may not be spoiled, but read your post and think how you sounded. I know how my remark sounds.
    I find it odd that you were more offended by my rant than the comment 5 above this one, that one wasn't insulting in the least was it?

  • Hmmmm.......
    Sounds like you need medication for that anger problem.

  • You don't know me, nor have any right to say that about ANYONE.
    I don't have a problem. F*** the fact that one person can't say a thing, EVEN ON A SECRETS SITE, and not be judged. Not one person can say something and not be bothered.
    I do not need medication, because the only reason I ever get angry (and when I said that I meant maybe once a week) is because of people who are disrespectful.

    So, I'm sorry if I came off to you as "spoiled", but in the end it wouldn't really matter to you, would it?

  • It could be the OP is just a very whiny, very spoiled teenage b****. Prozac can't cure that s***. You get angry because your parents probably never disciplined your spoiled ass, and they are scared to even try. I see all these s***** parents letting their kids run around and do whatever they want, and I think you're not any different.

  • it could be something more serious such as a mood disorder. Try telling your doctor about it so you can get some more serious help. Prozac is great.

  • And maybe I was angry when I wrote that. Ironic?

    What I mean is that before, stomachaches and headaches would be "because of my hormones."

  • why so angry?

  • i think that once you mature you will understand she is only trying to help you and that you should listen to her because you may not believe it, she is only trying to help u

  • Lobotomy?

  • Hey Mom, its not the magic pill you were looking for.

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