Ok. soo my mom thinks im still little. sooo wrong mom the truth is ive kssed like 10 guys i dancee dirty and i really dont care what you say about my boyfriend you may not like him but i love him and ur just gonna have to get over that fact. Mom i know what everything is trust me. I def. know about s**. so stop acting liike its a big secret and no matter if u say its not ok to kiss guys well mom, im probably gonna do it anyways. im sorry and i love you but really Quit it.

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  • I know how u feel! Parents are pains in the ass. But they do live you and put a roof over ur head so just cut them some slack. The way I think of it is soon I will be out of the house and free to do whatever I want. Sometimes I worry if our generation is trying to grow up to fast.

  • you don't love him. You don't have to 'dance dirty' to get a guy to like you. That's the wrong way to get a guy to like you. You know nothing about love and I bet you don't know half the diseases you can get from s**. Cut your mom some slack, she just doesn't want your dumbass getting pregnant.

    And I KNOW you will.

  • Oh look another insolent dumbass out to ruin their life. Well it's your fault because you're a freaking moron. So have fun with that.

  • In a few years time when your mom has given up on you, you will look back at this and wonder what you were thinking!

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