I'm going to vote based on the running mate this year.
Seriously, Obama will get assassinated and McCain will probably die of old age in office.
Either way we're all screwed.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You're wrong, nice try.

  • Hi from almost 10 years later. Neither of your "predictions" came true. Hope you've got a slightly better grip on the rest of your life than this indicates.

  • I've been thinking that Sarah could be a absent mother. So busy with herself her kids spite her. That hockey player just scored though! He'll enjoy the free ride and the secret service perks that they'll get.

  • The left is upset she didn;t abort.

  • LOL ^ Too bad everyone found out already, otherwise it would have been a secret abortion. . . . .

  • Yeah hope all her daughters don't get knocked up. Go Sarah! Practice those Christian values!

  • Vote Sarah Palin then.

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