I swear, if McCain becomes president I am going to leave this country. How could you f****** Republicans vote him in after what Bush has done to this place??? Chances are this country will be in ruin soon.

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  • Mccain wears onions on his belt and knocks over cans. I'm voting for Obama.

  • pick up a f****** text book and put some f****** facts behind your stupid theories. seriously, do yourself a favor and come up with your own opinions instead of relaying whatever the f*** your mom, friends, teacher whatever says..


  • Obama is inexperienced and McCain is senial. Yes no matter what, this country is screwed. I am really sick of this false republic. We do have freedoms, more that some countries, but we aren't the best anymore. We can't act like we are anymore.
    Honestly people are out dying in Iraq for nothing. The country is just losing billions of dollars on somehting that wasn't even worth starting. And you know what? The government keeps lots of things from its people. They say it is for our own good for our safety or something. Well guess what, politicians and goverenment workers don't even know who we are much less what we really need.

  • The fact is it doesn't matter who becomes president in this country. Wether it's McCain or Obama we are still going to suck. Right now America is a ok place to live but what you don't understand is that we are slowly declining as a world power and our own internal corruption is going to finally do us in. Maybe not in our lifetime but not to far from it America will be finished. Because we are slowly moving to a world government. Soon the Euro will be the worlds only currency and the power will shift back to Europe. And when it does watch out. That's the beginning of the end for the world.

  • If you feel that way, then by all means, LEAVE. America doesn't need sorry ass whiners like you anyway...

    CHANCES ARE You're one of the people who has never even voted in an election. ALL TALK, NO ACTION.

    McCain/Palin 2008!!!

  • ^Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Japan, Sweden, Australia.
    Every one of these countries are great countries, I really like them a lot.
    I love America its a good country, but not better than any other developed country. Look at our literacy level, obesity levels, crime, etc. If we were the best country, well these problems would be nearly non existant.
    As I said, I love my country, enough to admit there are problems, and they need to be fixed!
    I have problems with Nationalism, its a step away from Fascism, no matter what country you live in.

  • Then leave. You're probably right, he'll probably be no better than Bush. But honestly, you think you'll be much better off? So Bush wasn't the greatest for this country, but guess what, it's still f****** AMERICA. I'd like to see you try and find someplace better than here. You all cry and b**** about the president, about the war, well guess what, everything thats happening is what is best for YOU, to keep YOU safe. Those troops are fighting and dying for YOU, don't be an ungrateful little b**** and badmouth this country. Yea, it would be great to see those troops leave Iraq, to see the country incline instead of decline, but just because we've hit hard times is no reason to just abandon the country. You need to trust that the government, and your fellow people, are going to choose who and what is best for this country, whether that is McCain or Obama. Don't be a b**** and abandon your country. If that's really what you plan to do, and if that's really what you are, then leave, cause this is AMERICA, and we don't need people like you here.

  • America is great! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. But, I can see your point on Bush. He has destroyed our economy by fighting a war based on lies. He is fighting this war to put more money in his pocket, I mean, he is an oil tycoon is he not? In the process, our president has embarassed our entire country (I do not feel right having that as an example to the rest of the world, no wonder everyone hates us) and he has driven us into a near recession. It amazes me that here, in America, we will not impeach a president for a.) cheating to get into office b.) lying to the American public about the entire basis of a war or c.) using the highest power in the nation for personal gain. Yet, they were soooo quick to try to impeach Clinton (who led the country into a thriving economy) for getting a b******. . . .crazy huh???

  • how dare you threat to leave this country.

    you dont need to be a bush fan to realize that this country is great.

    french men; \\"how come all you americans only learn english yet we learn so many other languages, and have to speak english when we go to confrences\\"

    american; \\"because the brits, americans, canadians and australians all fought so that you didnt have to speak german.\\"

    f*** you man, america is great!

  • I heard a lot of that about leaving the country when Bush got his second term. I wonder who followed through. I think the idea of voting based on the Vice is a prudent idea.

    McCain needs to go on a hunting trip with Cheney.

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