Bow before Him!

Bow before Obama! BOW!!!

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  • What a great job he's done lolololololololololololololol

  • That f****** n*****? NEVER!

  • ....yes......he deserves that.....totally.....

  • Fart off before him i would love to fart at them!

  • Obama is the o-bomb-a.

  • I am not American but I absolutely love Obama and I am so sad he has to go. But I won't be bowing. :)

  • Better read your history. America exists because we don't bow to our President.

  • George w bush made whole of america a big fool yo

  • Hold my beer.

    Donald J. "The Orange Toddler" Trump

  • You're joking, right? I suggest walking away from the lot of these politicians...

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