My Theory

I have a vague theory on how the next few years will progress if Obama gets elected.

Now, before I start, I am going to say this. In all honesty, I think Obama is an amazing person. If I was voting on personality and charisma and everything, Obama would get my vote. Truthfully, I agree with a lot of his ideals, save one.

Ending the war in Iraq.

Which brings me to my theory.

I have the greatest feeling, and not ''good'' great, more like ''to a big extent'' great, of how pulling out of Iraq will go. As much as I like Obama, and would even want to see him as our president, I can't seem to look past the fact he wants to take us out of Iraq.

I understand that our people are dying over there. In a few months, I'll understand what it means to have a family member over there. But I think if we pull out, a lot more lives will be at stake.

Not only American lives, but theirs, too.

I fear that if we pull out, any extremists, reguardless of race or ethnicity or culture or religion, could decide that it's a show of weakness, and take advantage of it. It would leave us open to another attack, another tragedy like 9/11.

And I think if it comes to that, comes to home attacks here in America, in another four years Obama will be out, and a republican will get into office. And like in WWII, a nuclear war will ensue.

I would want nothing more than to prevent another tragedy like what happened in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but I fear it will come to that, whether it's justified or not.

Does anyone else have this fear? Please don't insult my theory, cause I'm not saying it to be offensive or crude or pessimistic or anything, it's just what I feel. But if anyone else has a theory I'd like to hear it. Whether it concerns having Obama in office, or McCain, or any other presidential candidate. I'd love to hear what people think will happen in the next few years.



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  • Hi from 10 years in the future.

    It didn't happen.

    Your textwall turned out to be nothing but a big chunk of words, their sole reason for existence being to prove that You Were WRONG.

    How's it feel?

  • ^That is a great point!

  • Plus if we'd stop bombing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, probably a lot fewer of their relatives would be out for revenge. Put a bounty of 1 BILLION dollars on bin Laden's head, someone would turn him in and we'd have saved about 999 billion.

  • I can understand fear of being attacked again, but think about it like this:

    If we pull troops out of Iraq, we will bring back our Homeland Security troops as well. While all of our soldiers are fighting in Iraq, who the h*** is protecting us? We have hardly any National Gaurds actually in our nation, so how would bringing them home cause a greater threat? Also, Obama's plan is to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. . .he is the one who will attack us, and he is not even in Iraq. We got Sadaam, we established a government over there, and we have helped to establish police and their own army. . .we did the dirty work (Sadaam), so now it should be left up to the Iraqis to take care of their own issues in their country. When we won independance form Great Britain, did they come over and hold our hands and try to help us rebuild? Did France? No, I didn't think so. Our country went through hard times in the beginning, and it took a long time to get things right (we are still working on it), so they should be responsible to make things right in their own country. We have too much stuff going on at home to be putting time, energy and funds into Iraq, when we should be focusing on bettering the lives of OUR people! When we do get our Homeland troops home, I am sure our terror alert will still be at orange or yellow, so we will be on gaurd for another attack, the attacks don't work as well when we are expecting them.

  • A lot of people were using the same rationale with Vietnam - saying that as soon as the U.S. pulled out, the Communists would take over the entire Far East. Didn't happen. What it comes down to is, if the inhabitants of a nation are repressed long enough, they themselves will eventually bring about change. Sometimes it takes a while, but it ALWAYS happens. I personally think the "defense" contractors just like to stoke the flames of xenophobia so they can sell lots of bombs and guns. War is a lucrative business for those who don't actually have to fight.

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