School strays today, I wish I was going.. I droped out in grd 7 now I'm sapost to be in like 9 or 10,
i have like one good friend whos my neighbor, i wish i had some more ppl to talk to, and sometimes i just feel like i have nothing to look forword to in life. Although i have a good life, it just gets so boaring.. Without new ppl, this seams so corny posting this but i have mothing to do, lol

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  • good life?!! without will end up a bit down old trump,,with the only way of making money is through your body

  • you need to go back. you can't even spell properly.

  • Get your GED. then you can go to college and meet some more new people while getting an education. I dropped out of highschool, and when it was too late realized how much I liked school. I am in college now, and I am not taking my education for granted a second time.

  • Uh, they\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll let you back in you know. Just go to one and go in the office.

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