I dont understand life.... If there is really a god where is he??? Why is my life so f***** up. Wheres my good karma? My earliest childhood memory is 5yrs old crying watching my pill poppin mom being tooken by the ambulance because she claimed she was goin to killer herself cuz she hated life. Or being so broke our neighbors had to buy us groceries.. I can go on and on.. But im not wantin pitty. I just feel its strange how some ppl are born wealthy. While others are struggling. What makes them so lucky.. I have no idea how im ever going to do this.. Live this f***** up life.. Im over 100 thousand in debt.(mostly med) Not one thing to show for it. No car or job. No exp. Single mom. Living with my mom.. Def know im unwanted here. I just wish god would make my life a little easier. Its been a rough one the whole 24 yrs...

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  • taken not tooken cmon now!

  • No. There is no god. I know this for a fact now.

    If there was, he would have smote your sorry ass for actually typing the word "tooken".

  • Its all about a lifestyle lottery. It is very hard work to enter new ones as its all about money.

  • i feel for you..

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