I don't like Malaysia that much

As an Indonesian, from birth I learn 2 things. The Pancasila and how to criticize Malaysia for stealing the authentic stuff that we had long before them. We had a struggle to get here and then Malaysia comes along and steals it. That why, especially the Indonesians that don't have Malaysian decent, f****** hate them. I have always hated Malaysia because they always tell us our country is too corrupt. Your F****** PRIME MINISTER IS RUNNING THE COUNTRY AND HE IS MORE CORRUPT THAN ALL INDONESIAN POLITICIANS COMBINED. Sorry, I had to get that out. Also, legit you guys brag for having better resources and national parks. Well, if you helped us just a little bit, we wouldn't be stuck in this mess. And also, you claim to be a Muslim country, but it doesn't seem like it. Nobody wears hijabs unless its for a fashion statement. And why is it everytime something ends in an a you say "uh". Its clearly AN "A"! Also, stop thinking your so much better than us. You are what we call "maling" in Indonesia so please Malaysia. Go f*** off.



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  • All Malays are arrogant and do despicable things with their mothers. I lived there a long time, and did not find one who could be called a man. The Indians and Chinese who live there are by far superior.

  • Yeah that's right f****** malay always stealing our culture because they're f****** thief!

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