Was never racist

I've never had a racist bone in my body but as I've gotten older and particularly since the BLM movement, I've found myself with racist thoughts. Black and Muslim people never stop moaning. They come to England for a better life but try to bring our country down to the level that the their country of origin. Why do that! They're trying to destroy western civilisation. The most successful ever.

Aug 24, 2020

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  • People just want human rights you j******

  • Human rights is fine. Constantly moaning and b******* while acting like small children all the time is not, especially if the reaction to being called on your bullshit is to pull the race card. Decent people are over that $hit, get the fvcking memo on that already!!

  • Regardless of my racial ethnicity, I'm British.

    I was born in the UK, so therefore I am a UK British Citizen. Anything other than that, I deem bollocks.

    Love, live and let live. We're all on this planet together. Treat each other with love and respect. If a person can't do that, ignore them and move on. As long as you as an individual treat others with love and respect, nothing else matters. Peace and love man :)

  • Boy you know you are racist

  • I'm not a boy

  • You are

  • Don't hate, appreciate :)

  • I hate white people and im black. get over it. i can say it and will not lose my job.

  • I hate she boons and he boons, good for nothing, welfare m************, useless

  • Well congrats, you are racist. Just as bad as any MAGAt, and probably act just as snotty and juvenile as they do too. Enjoy stewing in your own hate, it's hilarious!

  • That's original

  • I don't hate white, black, Asian, or any other color of people. I DO hate stupid people. Ergo, I hate ret@rds with nothing useful to say but do have full diapers. Like you.

  • Boy, you know you are racist

  • You just like to throw that word around like a toddler who has just heard its first swear. But that's no surprise, idiots like you stay toddlers mentally their whole lives! Say some more stupid bullshit and prove my point again.

  • Be honest with yourself, it's fine to think like that. The same thing happened to me. I'm so greatful that I live in an "all white" and some Asian community. White people build the most advanced civilizations and communities. Nothing to worry about. The main stream media pitties blacks which is just as bad as hating them.

    Love your hate knowing that most people think like you.

  • Your forefathers did the same with them during the colonial age. They are in England now because you were there in the first place and left a lot of s*** with their culture!

  • That was done by the 1% of society that are psychopaths and the reason why they could do so much damage was due to them abusing their resources.

  • That's not racist, that's stating a fact that the ones wanting to change a prospering country into the failed system they just left are the loudest and therefore giving the impression that the majority of said race is in favor of such a change.
    If you were to say individually that you are superior to their race, then yes, you would be racist.

  • That's fair but I've must emphasise to the writer of the original post that we only ever notice the bad people and the good people that do adapt to the way of life of their new home country go unnoticed.
    I am English.
    I have several black friends that disagree with the black lives matter nonsense and one very special Muslim friend that I would trust with my life.
    Please don't judge a book by it's cover.
    People are individuals some are good and some are bad.

  • Yes both above comments are fair and legitimate. For the record, I'd never show prejudice to anyone for their race or faith. I just feel totally frustrated that no one of authority seems to defend our country and culture. They all seem embarrassed by it. Its not perfect btter than anything that's came before.

  • Your opinions are acknowledged. You have a right to express how you feel, just like everyone else. Some may agree with your opinions and some may not. Believe and think however you want. Respect others views and opinions too, whether you agree with them or not . Because essentially, our views and opinions won't change anything.

    Thank you for sharing. Live and let live, we all only live once - or do we? :)

  • I dont respect no one opinions. you offend me, i offend you. culture. what is culture. now i know, its a cult

  • Idiot

  • Idiot. Don't call the pot white

  • Idiots

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