i quit my job on monday to join the military.

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  • thank you.

  • Uh, the freedoms we have today have no relation to the wars of the few past years. Actually its worse with personal liberties.

    The freedoms we enjoy today are attributed to our grandfathers. They deserve more than what they have now.

  • good for you. if it wasn't for people like you, these dumbasses on this site wouldn't have the freedom to tell you that they think you're an idiot...

    Kinda ironic, isn't it


  • f*** that i wud never do it im scared of getting shot....

  • good luck.

  • You should have joined up first, THEN given notice, that way your employer has to offer you the job back upon your discharge (or if you washed out of basic for example). Never hurts to have a plan B.

  • What an idiot! You are soooo going to Iraq.

  • Congrats...good luck...hopefully we can end the war before you too must fight as my 2 nephews are now...with two more in training now.

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