I hate bro code

6 months ago my crazy parents packed us and up and moved from LA to the near Asheville in NC. I'm 17 and forced to go with them against my will. i had to quit my job at mcdonald's making 15 an hr to a job at a local mom and pop making 13. the only thing cool about this job is they close at noon on sat and closed on sunday. a family came in on tues and they have a boy my age. they were nice and i told them where i moved from and they were nice. the boy came back before we closed at 8pm. he asked to sit in my area and wanted to talk. i though it was strange when he gave me a flower and asked for my number or join him facebook. i asked the owner to tell him to leave but he wouldn't. the owner wife wouldn't either. they tell me they known the family for a long time and he is being nice. she tells me to sit and talk to him. he drives a truck and i wanted to call the police. they told me not to. i told them i will quit if they don't ban them from coming back. i don't want to quit because they are closed at noon on sat and all day sunday.

Nov 13

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