Feeling bad after I quit dating a religious girl

I quit dating her because she didn't believe in s** until marriage. I wasn't interested in marrying her so I quit calling her. Its bothering me.

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  • My gf of three years would not allow me to f*** her although we do every thing of s** - c**********, f*******, b*** massage, t** sucking, p**** massage to fingering to c*** suck. During the last three years her b**** have grown through my handling them and p**** lips have become fluffy. But her treasure called virginity or hymen has remained untouched. Am I wasting my time with her?

  • I would walk away to. I can understand wait till we are married part. But look at the post below. No s e x unless for making babies! No masturbation for life! Thats taking it too far! S e x and masturbation has great health benefits as well as it is fun. Thats why Alter boys are running for their lives.

    Hey you know how to get a Nun pregnant?

    Dress her up as an Alter boy.

  • "altar".

  • I married a religious girl. We agreed no s** except to make kids. I have not had s** or masturbated for years. It used to make me depressed.

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