ive been having a sexual relationship with somones boyfriend for the past yr and half! it started with a drunken fling, and new it was wrong, but now a yr and half down the line we still meet up for casual s** behind her back, there s** life is down the drain! only thing now is ive fallen for him but carnt do or say a thing as i know it will all be my fult and she will forgive him! i carnt hart her by telling her the truth! i feel so bad specily since over the past yr we have become gd friends our selfs, but that hasnt stoped me seeing him! im a bicth i know! bu it does take two!!!

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  • Yes ur a b****

  • thanks for your suport....i kinda already new what you said i just needed to hear it from someone else, i know ive done wrong and time to mend it! wish me luck!

  • Hey, forget all the crap other people said. Time to tell the truth and have some respect for the lives of the people you're hurting. None of this "I love him now." he wasn't yours to love in the first place. Mistakes happen, yeah but it's time to grow up and fix them. Easy? No...worthwhile? only if you value yourself and doing the right thing.

    Oh and think about it...if he's cheating on her with you...and you like him...even if he does go with you can you trust him? I wouldn't, he's a man w**** don't help him.

  • Your not a w**** sweetie, I'm sure half these people making these comments are all being hypocritical to some extent. If you love him stick around but it sounds like your only using him so I would end it.

  • why is it always the womens fult and the perosn that his cheating withs fult...dont you think he should get the blame as well! i think his using you love! get out of it while you can


  • it happens all the time more than you think! go into town and see how many men take of there wedding rings!

  • s****

  • I'm glad I don't know you...thats all I really have to say. :/

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