I want my wife to be with 2 or more guys at once

I want my wife to be with me and at least 2 other guys at the same time. She told me the other day she wants to c** on a c*** while there's another c*** in her mouth and since then I've just been wanting to. We role play often about it but Idk if she's really down. It's like she just likes to play my game with me and do the dirty talk n all about the whole DP idea or a g******* but to be honest I can't tell if she would really be down. I left my p*** open the other day with g******* on it and when I got home I got on and found that she'd watched like ten minutes of the g******* video I left on there. Then she brought it up to me like, "That's a pretty filthy video, 5 guys at once?" I apologized and she just said, it's ok. Then that night during s** I gave her a toy and she f***** it while she sucked on me and got off more than usual. She tells me she wants to be my s** slave during s** n all and I'm honestly thinking about looking for guy/guys and having then come meet us at a bar or sumthn and see if they/he can get her h**** while I egg it on. Idk how else to do it. I don't want any locals lol.

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  • Go for it!!!!!

  • My husband talked about this, so one night when he was at the pub, I got naked and just put on a small see-through night just before he got home and popped one of my big t*** out. I heard the key in the door and pretended to be asleep t** out legs open, then I heard someone say f****** h***, he wasn't alone. Hubby said I told you she had great t***, have a feel. He felt my t**, I got very wet and spread my legs more, he sucked my nipple and I groaned hubby said f*** her if you want, couldn't believe it, he spread my legs are slid his c*** up my c*** and began f****** me, I opened my eyes and smilled at him and played with my t*** as he f***** my. He spunked up me then hubby f***** me, saying I knew you were a fat s*** yum yum

  • I am a lucky man because my wife likes me to use her as my s** slave and doesn't argue when i let other guys watch her after I have tied her up and let them strip her play her f****** her and coming all over her body. The most she has had at one time was three with me as well

  • Were you from id love to join you

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