Girlfriend Cheated With Old Bully.

When I was 17 years old I was dating my 2nd gf. We never had any any arguments (well she talked to a guy who bullied me as a child. I didnt like it but she said she found him annoying and honestly I believed it). We dated for 6 months. Near the end i got sick and stayed at my house for 4 days (Serious case of strep throat). My cousin cuts peoples hair at his garage. One of the customers shows him a p*** video. It was my gf in a g******* (happened the 2nd day i was sick) with the guy who bullied me as a kid and his 2 buddies. I confront her about the g*******. We argue and she tells me to get over her. She tells me if i had any b**** to beat up the exbully. Sadly i never did since I felt my chances of winning were slim. She was innocent but turned mean and started makes s** jokes. She was telling her friends how good David (the exbully) was in bed. All her female friends laughed at me as well as her white knight supporters for the cheating. I dropped out of high school 4 weeks later because of it.

GF was 18 at the time. So was David.

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  • Nice guys finish last

  • Neither of those two people are worth your time, then or now. Seriously, don't give them a second thought, they aren't worth it. Your upset because you were unable to defend yourself. But you know what, in the greater scheme of things..who cares. They are beneath you. She sounds like a terrible gf and doesn't sound like she was THAT you think she was. In hindsight, maybe that exbully did you a favor in some small way. Because those two deserve each other and you didn't waste years with some girl who would use you and hurt you in the end. And she didn't cheat because you were sick, she cheated (or had been the entire time) because she's that kind of girl. Hoping you got your GED are on to bigger and better things.

  • You should have told the who school how much of a s*** she is, plus you should have got a copy of the video and showed it to her parents

  • There is no reason to hurt her parents. This guy is better off without her

  • Better off yes, but I'd say the b**** would deserve being....repaid for the life experience. F*** yeah would have immediately shown the video to her family!

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