My wife is available

My wife is available. She's available for photos, videos, threesomes, foursomes even blind dates with a guaranteed happy ending. To put it bluntly my wife, Joy, is a s***. She cannot get enough c*** and she will let anyone f*** her. Tall, short, old, young, thin, fat and any nationality. She will f*** and suck in front of one person or in front of hundreds. The only requirement is that there is a stiff c*** for her to use.

We've been married for a few years. I met her when she was being g********* at a Christmas party, five years ago and we've been together ever since. I love to watch her being gang f***** and if it's a private party, I love to hear the details when she gets home.

So far, she's been g********* at least fifty times, Everything has worked out well.Whenever possible she comes home with her c*** full of strangers' c**. There is a little bit of danger in letting her go to stag nights and g******** alone bit it's a risk my wife is OK with. Joy has had her tubes tied so we are worried about her getting pregnant.

I advertise my wife's services on the internet but most of her s** comes from word of mouth, or maybe that should be word of c***. There are usually one or two guys at each g******* or stag night that wants to use my wife again. Joy only asks for cab fare to and from the venue or to be picked up and dropped off.

I prefer to go with her but sometimes the guys are uncomfortable with me there. Joy earns some money as a nude art model at two colleges. Posing nude in front of twenty or so young people gets Joy very h****. At both campuses she is regularly f***** by teachers and students.

We rarely have to pay for tradesmen for work at home. My wife spends as much time on her back as the tradesmen do fixing our appliance or home repair. It works out well but we do seem to get a lot of service calls. Hardly a week goes by that one or two tradesmen don't find the 'need' to call in. Joy has f***** four of my work colleagues and has been g********* by three of them. Brian, my boss, gave his sixteen year old son a birthday present. My wife!

Gareth, his son, and five of his son's teenage friends had full use of my wife for six hours. Gareth couldn't believe his luck and neither could Joy. She loves young guys and lets teenagers f*** her whenever she can. The only two requirements are that they are over eighteen and discreet.

We can check IDs for age but there is no way a teenager won't brag about f****** an older woman. We're not that naïve. My wife loves the notoriety. Joy is only 42 but to a teenager that is ancient.

Joy let the birthday boy f*** her first and then guided the six young men through their first g*******. After six hours with my wife all six boys were skilled in ass f******, c*** f****** and c**********. My wife showed the boys how to maintain an erection and more importantly how to give a woman an o*****. All six boys
got their first b******* from my beautiful wife. Four of the boys, including Gareth, are in love with my wife after the experience. The other two boys didn't profess their undying love for my wife but they said they 'really liked' her.

Of course the boys didn't know what discretion was and before long nearly every boy over eighteen that they knew and attending the univerity was calling Joy for s**. My wife has managed to accommodate most of the boys but she has a few to go. She'll f*** them all eventually.

In the meantime between the tradesman and my work colleagues, my wife spends lots of time on her back. Or on her knees, or all fours. My wife has three love holes and uses them as often as she can. Look for her ads on adult site on the 'net.



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  • Send me an email at with details. I would like your wife to help me out with something too

  • You're right about word of mouth. When I first got Tina to f*** black guys, I would ask them if they had any friends that would like to f*** her. It didn't take long before she was being passed around, gang bangs.

  • Same thing with my wife. She started f****** one black guy who then invited some friends. Before long she was regularly doing g********. I can't even count how many black men use her on a regular basis

  • YOU ARE INDEED A LUCKY MAN stick with it and your wife will love you forever.

  • I wanna chat with you. mesg me on

  • You must be very sick to allow your wife do all these!

  • Where can we find u guys

  • I will show her the time of her life

  • Can you giver her my email?

  • Wow I want to f*** her

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