Swingers Gone Wild....

Hi, I'm John, my wife Lisa and I are swingers and have been for some time now. About 13 yrs. We've done it all, and a lot. She's very bi now too. We're both 44 now, and still going strong. Swinging has done wonders for us, our marriage and just all in general. The confession I have, is that I set up my wife one night, for a night of high sexual passion. She doesn't know I know, and she thinks it's her little secret, but I was behind it all. I am not sure if she doesn't want to tell me cus, I might get mad, or feel something or some way different towards her. I waited to see if she would tell me, but she never did. So I didn't tell her I knew or that I was the one that actually set things up. But what I did was, I paid this guy...a guy I met at a bar, some money, to get a few friends and him to go to my home, as a group, and asked for me. They were supposed to go and ring the bell, when she answered, they were supposed to go in forcefully, asked where I was, say I owed one of them some money, and hadn't paid him. So he was there to collect. When she would tell them I wasn't there, and she didn't know anything about it. They were to take payment anyway they wanted. So they would tell her, that they were going to take payment with her. They were supposed to take her, all together. G******* her, she has had experience with that before. She loves DP, and more, so they were not suppose to limit themselves with her. I told them to c** in her, since she can't get pregnant anymore, and then leave her on the bed or couch wherever they took her. So I paid this guy, and he said ok. I gave him $500 and said a group of guys. Well he did it, and the thing is, he took 5 guys and him, did exactly what I asked, and they took turns with her, and g********* her good, so he told me later. They said she resisted pretty good at 1st, and really took it as a forceable g*******. But she gave in slowly as they took her, and then trained her over and over. The one I asked to do it, kept telling her, that they were taking payment from her. So she had to pay in whatever way, or else he was going to beat me up. So that's when he said she started giving in. Well he did tell me that she was a trooper, and seemed to enjoy it after a while. Well I got home about 5am that night, she was showered and asleep by that time. I could tell. I waited for her to wake up and tell me, or in the morning, but she didn't. Never has. I found out from that guy, when I talked to him the next day, that he had taken 5 guys, but then told me that they were all Black men, a mandingo g*******. So even though she never told me about it. Now she's asking me to get her black men to meet up with and have 3somes and more with. I think I created a black c*** monster...lol


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  • Dumb f***. She's never going to satisfied with your d*** again. Congrats, idiot.
    Your marriage is so screwed.

  • That was pretty hot, but also f***** up. As arousing as it might be, moments like that can cause psychological traumas.

  • Exactly. She was traumatized. Swinging was the first huge mistake.
    Cuckin yourself with a GROUP of BBCs totally messed up your wife.

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