Late night fun

So. About 3 months ago I picked up this s***. She talked dirty to me for says. Flirted with me in the store she work in. Finally I said letw come over to your house and let's f***. And she's like I don't wanna feel like a w**** and I want a bf. And romance and s*** like that. And I'm like no no.... I would never...your not a w**** to me. So then I come over and we talk on her couch for like 30 minutes. Then she says, so you gonna pull your c*** out now or not. Then I said no you can though and she get right down on her knees unzips my shorts and rips them right off. Then she doesn't waste any time and starts sucking. Then goes right to choking on it all. She pops up to tell me to talk dirty to her. Then goes right back to it. So I start calling her a s*** and w**** and to suck it harder b****. And she starts to moan. Then she pulls up and starts to lick it then asks of she's being a good w**** for me. I could help but smile at how funny that was. Then I told her to shut up and keep sucking and rammed her mouth on my c***. Pumping it deep as she gaged. Then as she's choking she taps out and I say nope not yet and give her a bit more down her throat. I feel myself about to c** and as its getting to the head she pulls off and begs me to c** on her face. So I stand up and she starts to j*** me off fast and hard. And the moment I say she it comes b**** her mom walks in the door and my hot load spills all over her face. Most embarrassing time ever. Then her mom starts yelling at me about what I'm doing to her daughter and freaking out as I run out the door.

Jan 6, 2016

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